Quick Update on the Dominion of Brothers

I know many have probably given up fearing the remaining three books of the Dominion of Brothers series will never come out. I’m here to say nothing could be farthest from the truth, but it is taking longer than I ever intentionally thought it would. And I’ll sum it all up to just life and 2020. But time be damned I am set on not letting 2021 be a repeat of last year.

Having said that, Head Master Marcus Scriven and I have been working hard on his book past few days both writing new content and ironing out scenes. His book is complicated in it picks up where Right One 4 Diesel and Touching Vida~Vince both left off and carries on with all that drama that has been woven into the series’s arc and somewhere in all that Marcus finds some trouble of his own and wants to keep her. I’ve also known for some time his book is going to end up bigger than originally thought. As of now its looking like it will be somewhere in the 150-175,000 block.

But I don’t want to make you wait much longer! Yes, I said it!!!

I’ve decided to set myself a goal to have it finished and ready for the editors by the end of April. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a teaser in the next week or two.

CAOMHRINE FAHEY, a young immigrant from Northern Ireland, is a pick-pocket and more trouble than she’s worth. Except to maybe one particular Head Master who likes to sink deep into her kind of trouble.
MF / Extreme BDSM / Erotic Romance / Suspense / Action / Explicit Language
Marcus hadn’t operated rogue since finding vengeance for the two people he’d held most precious from his youth. Only, now, with one brother still lying on his death bed, two more out of reach, and the other on the verge of unraveling emotionally and going off grid himself— going rogue didn’t seem like such a bad plan. There were only two things keeping him from doing what he wanted— the family, which included two precious Unicorns, now rode his shoulders of responsibility. The other?
— the Bear needs a target.

The strangest part about life’s eccentric surprises— was the red-headed vixen thief he captured— He can’t trust her to set her free, yet can’t bring himself to turn her in either. So instead, she becomes his newest preoccupation to entertain his darker thoughts. How many times do you think a heart can break? What he didn’t expect was somewhere within the development of their volatile relationship, Marcus rediscovers his inner calm, bringing back every bit of who and what he had been trained to be— until the Bear got what it needed—
                              —A target to kill.