TheirPlaneFromNowhere reduced 500x700THEIR PLANE FROM NOWHERE ~ The Teddy Bear Collection

Gay Fiction / Mature-Bear Romance / Mystery / Adult Content

In their small town in the Pocono Mountains, Earl Knox and Hank Grisset have never been considered among the pretty ones to anyone but each other. As lucky as Hank and Earl consider themselves to have found each other, that’s about as far as luck has gone. All those Could’ah— Should’ah— Would’ah— moments a man never sees comin’, but that don’t stop him from regrettin’ them later in life.

When Earl makes a critical decision that ultimately outs him and Hank, a mysterious plane shows up at their lake house. Coming out in a small town can erase friendships in a heartbeat. But when a rift in the family leads to a life-threatening accident, only their love for each other is gonna get them through this—that, and their plane from nowhere

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DSWL2 500x700DEAR SOLDIER, WITH LOVE II: A Lost Soldier Named Grey

Gay Fiction / MM Romance / War time / Drama / Short

Chief Warrant Officer V Grey Lawrence never once stopped to consider what he was doing or why, just being there for Nathan Blaise, a Senior Technician of Explosives Ordinance Disposal, who’d just lost his leg from a mission gone wrong, seemed to be the right thing to do. And somehow Grey found some renewing comfort of his own when he was with him. Except, Nathan will be transferring home back to the state-side of the world soon, and Grey still had the war’s never ending wounded to deal with here.

So why was he doing this to himself?

Reasons only a past Dear John letter and the restored heart he found when he read the touching words written by an anonymous woman, the soldiers had penned ‘the Beloved Woman’ could explain. Perhaps those two things plus the half of a wounded man who could heal Grey’s own dark half would deliver him to a future he never imagined or expected for himself again.

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RA 500x700ROUGH ATTRACTION ~ The Dominion of Brothers Series Book 3

MM / Erotic Romance ~ explicit language
WORD COUNT: 72, 414

Like brimstone and caramel. When two men come together with a Rough Attraction that burns as fast as Nitrous Oxide in their veins, it’s hard to find the cruise control and trust that they can make this last for the long run.

Life and relationships aren’t always neat and clean, or come in perfect little packages. Maxum St. Laurents knows this all too well. After being in a four-year relationship that does everything but bring him pleasure and fulfillment, he finds himself struggling to keep working at it. It doesn’t help matters that the man who satisfies every need and want he could have is the man he is having an affair with. And for Maxum, affairs don’t translate into long term relationships.

Darko Laszkovi just couldn’t help himself when he spotted the handsome man ranting over a flat tire on the side of the road. Moreover, he couldn’t be happier when the reward turned into an insatiable lover he hoped to keep for the long run. But, despite the rough attraction that holds them to each other like power-magnets, when Maxum struggles to let go of a relationship that doesn’t work; Darko’s patience and understanding that we aren’t always where we want to be, gets tested to the max.

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Bond of the Lycaon Concubine Reduced -2015BOND OF THE LYCAON CONCUBINE ~ The Lycotharian Collection

MF & MFM-poly / Paranormal Shifter / Erotic Romance ~ explicit language
WORD COUNT: 41,370

Raina grew up with faint memories of her grandmother’s fairytales; tales that told her she was a part of something far greater than her lonely, nomadic existence provided. But when she discovers she’s been among the one thing she’s desired most, can she let go of her human upbringing and submit to the Lycaon?

Tristan has had a wild hunger for the saucy bartender ever since she started working at the Hound’s Tooth Tavern. Yet, a close call with a rival pack meant risking exposing the beast he is to Raina. No matter how he imagined her reaction, he certainly wasn’t expecting her to submit to the beast to be his mate.

Vashon has served as Alpha for a pack of Lycaons, 500 strong, for generations, but Raina’s family lineage could upset the status quo. According to pack law, his Beta, Tristan, can’t keep a mate to himself, but the secret Raina holds says otherwise.

“Little Red Riding Hood, unlike Raina, had 99 problems, but taming two Lycaons wasn’t one of them.”

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APFC 500x700 A PLACE FOR CLIFF  ~ The Dominion of Brothers Series Book 2

MM / Erotic Romance / some D/s & light bdsm ~ explicit language
WORD COUNT: 69,983

Abandoned by his parents and left to tend to his sick sister since he was nineteen, Cliff has done little more than wander through his existence. That is until the Patronus Diesel Gentry sends him to meet Pyotr Laszkovi. A man nearly twice his age but his impeccable looks and debonair sexuality has Cliff falling like a love sick puppy for the man. Problem is Cliff is about two threads from coming completely undone as a human being.

Despite this, Pyotr sees in Cliff an irresistible young man who satisfies his needs like no other. And to keep them together, Pyotr is willing to be there to catch Cliff when he unravels and stay at his side during the hardest goodbye of all.

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MMM / Paranormal Shifter / Erotic Romance ~ explicit language

Three men locked together by a forgotten ancient love bond.
Their fate, following them like a curse, until finally they find each other once more— only then can they be at peace with themselves.
But how does a Rougaroux, a Human and an amnesiac Immortal find each other in New Orleans and survive each other or the odds?

Genre: MM/MMM/Paranormal Shifter/ Erotic Romance
Word Count: 64,396 (approx. equivalence of 145 pages)

Ever since their chance encounter, Talon can’t seem to get Kónán O’Connell off his mind— or his libido. The longing and allure to the potent and powerful alpha male has got him spun around, but when Talon’s grandfather calls to tell him about a dream, the attraction Talon has with Kónán just got complicated.
Kónán, is the Alpha Guardian at the Underground Keep, a safe haven and gathering spot for the paranormal, in the heart of New Orleans. Kónán is no stranger to the fondness of sex, but when a human man walks in and marks his soul, he’s not sure what to think about it. However, his Rougaroux Beast and his Wolf side have already made up their minds to make Talon their mate, the Man in Kónán just needs to find a way to make it happen without killing him.
Little did either man know, the solution to their mating and a long forgotten curse, comes in the body of an androgynous man named Mathygos Parthonis.

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BHS 500x700 BECOMING HIS SLAVE  ~ The Dominion of Brothers Series Book 1

BDSM & D/s / MF / Erotic Romance / some MM & FF ~ explicit language
WORD COUNT: 281,330 (approx. equivalence of 591 pages)

As a writer, Katianna hovers at the alluring edge of bringing what she creates with exquisite eroticism into her very concealed life. Her books seduce her readers with stories taking them into extremes of erotic pleasure that have never been her own experience. That is until one night unbeknownst to herself, she confessed a secret desire she’d kept under lock and key to Trenton Leos, who’s now intent to bring her into his world of Dominance and Submission where he’s not just any Dom, he’s the Dominus. The Master of all Doms.

Life with the Dominus promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but it also comes with danger, and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to hang on. Especially when being with him means submitting her life to Becoming His Slave.

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Quantum Mates-What Torin Wants 500x700 QUANTUM MATES: What Torin Wants

MM / Space Sci-fi / Erotic Romance ~ explicit language

A new life on the Quantum Transport Research Project is what Raffe Landau is hoping for, what he found was a lover with a rare and similar condition of mutation that makes everyone else untouchable. But there’s a reason the space station has laws that forbid anyone touching either of the TorinLee twins and when they’re attacked Raffe knows he’s to blame. And the only way to protect the young man he’d fallen in love with is to stop touching him.

Torin has ever known human touch. That is until Raffe came along and it’s not just the touch. Raffe makes him feel things he never knew existed. So when Raffe pulls away, not only does he not understand, it’s not allowed.

Raffe’s about to find out that what Torin wants Torin gets.

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Love Letter Romance / War time / Drama / Short

A mysterious love letter, with no name and no return address shows up in a soldier’s hands looking for her lost Soldier, unable to find him, she reaches out to a random soldier, who perhaps no longer feels the reach of his own woman, hoping to touch someone that will in turn bring back her beloved.

Army Specialist Christian Brice was the first to receive the letter, arriving only a month after his fiancee had sent him a Dear John. So moved and touched by the anonymous writer, he writes her back, but unable to send it directly he shares both the letter and his correspondence with others like him and thus begins the journey of a woman’s heartfelt words across a war torn area to deliver a sweet kiss to those who need to feel it.

Word spreads of the Beloved Woman and so does the number of correspondences, some of passion and appreciation, others sharing a far more open and sensual fantasy with her, each one adding to the bundle that carries her from one soldier to the next, until she lands in the hands of Airforce Senior Airman Miles Conley, who just happens to come across the man her letter was intended for.

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