On the Horizon!

It’s been quiet here a long time, I know, but that is changing. So much is coming, so let me get your gabby hands warmed up. 

The first I want to address is the long long looooong overdue books from The Dominion of brothers Series. Yes, I am trying to get the next one done and released, but no its not anywhere close to that. For that I am sorry, its just the story is not coming along smoothly and I have to force it to develop and the writing quality has suffered for it. But I am not and will not give up on it. Seducing His Thief is on the HARD to do list for this year. As for the French Edition:
La série des frères du Dominion (The Dominion of Brothers French Edition)
C’est le cœur lourd que je dois annoncer que j’ai abandonné les éditions Juno. Cela fait quatre ans et ils n’ont absolument pas respecté leur contrat sur la série de livres de Talon. Mensonge après mensonge, ils m’ont dit qu’ils étaient “ye travailler” et maintenant, mes courriels sont restés sans réponse.
En raison d’une profonde amitié de longue date avec Juno, j’avais gardé le silence à ce sujet, mais cela me brise le cœur chaque fois qu’un lecteur demande pourquoi le prochain livre de la série n’est pas sorti en plus de voir Juno ajouter toujours de nouveaux auteurs alors qu’ils ne prennent même pas soin de ceux qui les ont soutenus dès le premier jour de leur lancement.
Eh bien, j’aime mon jumeau et il passe avant Juno.
Alors, qu’est-ce que cela signifie ? D’abord, je vais rappeler les quatre titres sortis avec Juno et les s’auto-publier. Ensuite, je vais commencer les traductions de “Taking Over Trofim” moi-même.
Ce ne sera pas facile et certainement pas rapide car je dois le faire entre l’écriture de nouveaux contenus, mais je vais consacrer du temps chaque semaine pour le faire. Ensuite, nous passerons à la suite de la série.
Je suis vraiment désolé d’en arriver là, vous, nos lecteurs, méritez tellement plus. Je vous demande juste d’être patient pendant que j’essaie de résoudre la stagnation des progrès.
It is with heavy heart that I must announce I have given up with Juno Publishing. Its been four years and they’ve utterly failed to meet their contract on Talon’s book series. Lie after lie of it “being in the works” to now my emails being completely unanswered.
Because of a deep long standing friendship with Juno, I had kept silent about it, but it breaks my heart every time a reader asks why the next book in the series hasn’t come out on top of seeing Juno always adding new authors when they don’t even take care of those who supported them from day one of their launching.
Well, I love my twin and he comes before Juno.
So what does this mean? First, I’ll be recalling the four titles released with Juno and self publish them. Next, I will start the translations for ‘Taking Over Trofim’ myself.
This won’t be easy and certainly won’t be quick coming as I have to do this between writing new content, but I will be putting time away each week to get it done. Then onto the next in the series.
I am so sorry it comes to this. You, our readers, deserve so much more. Just please be patient as I try to resolve stagnant progress.


Two New Additions to the



SHAGGIN’ the Dead

Tarian P.S.

In Editing stages now


Tarian P.S.

Story getting wrapped up / Cover still pending

Is That All? Not At All.

I’ve been writing on a near daily basis for the last two years alongside my sprinting partner, Author Layla Dorine (if you haven’t read any of her books quick fix that. She is an amazing writing)

Now of course that writing has been spread out across several books… okay a bunk a books… fine, I’ve been writing in fifteen. Not fourteen, but FIFTEEN BOOKS. (I go where the voices take me) However, what this also means is there are several books getting close to a ‘The End’.

So keep your eyes open for more updates

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