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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Training Lady Townsend by Annabel Joseph


4 stars

4 STARS !!

 Review for Training Lady Townsend by Annabel Joseph

Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

Erotic Romance/Historical/DD/Spanking/Light BDSM

Purchased at Amazon.com


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Take a rousing romp through 1790s England with this first of four Properly Spanked novels…

The Lady Aurelia has been promised in marriage to the Marquess of Townsend since she was four and he was fourteen. Unfortunately, she grew up into a pillar of propriety while her betrothed grew up into a renowned rake. Of course, no one would expect such an unsuitable match to go forward…which is why they find themselves at a loss when circumstances force them to the altar and into each other’s arms.
Hunter, the beleaguered marquess, believes he’ll survive the uneven match by continuing to frequent his well-trained coterie of whores and courtesans, but Aurelia’s powerful father has other ideas. When he blocks Hunter’s access to the only women shameless enough to cater to his decadent desires, the marquess informs his new wife that something will have to be done.
That “something” will be the immediate commencement of her erotic training…whether she wants it or not.






~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I had pretty much stopped reading historical novels, for a couple of reasons:  one, I’d rather look forward than back.  Second, when an historical novel was well researched and written, it drove me crazy wondering how the human race ever managed to survive!  But Annabel Joseph writes compelling stories and so, one-click it was…

The story, overall, has all the elements that a good historical needs:  the setting, the behaviours versus the attitudes, and the most difficult for me, the dressed-up lingo.  The latter of course, speaks to the “attitudes vs. behaviours” aspect and also serves to blatantly highlight the worlds-apart that were “Lady Dormouse” Aurelia and Marquess Hunter Townsend.

Setting and character properly and gratifyingly, succinctly established, the tale becomes a delightful romp through double-standard to arrive at self-discovery, courage of convictions and of course, abiding love.    In this case, The Mighty (Townsend) didn’t so much fall, as he did rise to the occasion, and The Mouse (Aurelia) didn’t so much acquiesce as she did…self-actualize.   Not a new concept or process by any means, but so entertaining in this instance because Townsend began as a (note:  Amazon-approved lingo applied here) nether-regions orifice of epic proportions such that he was utterly unlikable, and without changing at his core, grew up and grew into an outwardly admirable peer of the realm.   Okay, admittedly, Marquess also possessed some seriously mad skills that no peer would admit to… 

For her part Aurelia, the erstwhile “Dormouse”, forced into a marriage with her polar opposite, grew into, or at least woke up to the person and passions at her own core.  

Ms. Joseph seamlessly integrates the spanking dynamic with the historical setting and mindset.   Historical seems a perfect fit, but in fact, is merely the ability of a supremely authentic author to create a warm and nurturing relationship in any place in time.   I enjoyed the romp and look forward to watching the other rich and entertaining secondary characters find their own balance.

10641098_1553831388183404_5017870516620344268_n ten


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TRAINING LADY TOWNSEND also received the following ratings:




HEAT FACTOR ~ 3 Flames



 tumblr_mglb1wxbTC1rd06hno1_250  10712757_1553915031508373_2919720327498943330_n












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Books ‘n Cozy Spots Book Rreviews: First Time for Everything (Anthology) – Courting Billy Roth by Nick Hasse



 5 stars


5 ~ Stars!

Review of ~ FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING (anthology) – COURTING BILLY ROTH by Nick Hasse

Romance / YA / Contemporary / m/m  

 (copy purchased from amazon)



Reviewed by Terry ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com



~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



There’s nothing like the first time. Whether it’s a first crush, first date, first kiss, or finding tolerance and approval for the first time, for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans teens—or those still exploring and discovering their sexuality and identity—these important firsts can shape the rest of their lives. Gathering the courage to come out to their families, admit their feelings to a friend, or go to school presenting as the people they really are can be a struggle. But with the support of their allies and their own inner strength, the brave young people in these stories take the first steps toward happiness and living on their own terms. From sweet stories of newly discovered love, humorous accounts of awkward dinners and dances, to fights for acceptance and even survival, the teens in this anthology must face new challenges and rise to meet them. These are the first times they’ll never forget. 








~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



I admit I usually stay away from anthologies but when I found out Nick Hasse was one of the authors I one clicked First Time for Everything.

This is the second book Nick Hasse has published. Once again he has used words to not only tell a story but also paint us a picture of Billy and Toby as they experience their first love. One of the things I love about Nicks writing is he can bring your senses into play with his words. You will see, feel, smell and maybe even taste this story as it unfolds.

Nick has done this so well that after you read this story if you have already experienced your first love your mind and heart will revisit that time. If you have not had this nerve racking, heart pounding, glorious event yet happen, you will be looking forward to it even more.


If you would like to read more from Nick Hasse check out his first book “Danny’s Dom”. I will advise you this story is not a YA story it is for the 18+ crowd. This story is a Contemporary meets Paranormal M/m, BDSM. I do look forward to more stories from Nick Hasse!



~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


 COURTING BILLY ROTH also received the following ratings:




HEAT FACTOR ~ 2 Flames a flame for each of our young men because the first time you fall in love you feel like you’re going to go up in flames


TWIST FACTOR ~ 2 for This could ruin their HEA!!

 lo-kithe plot twist

BONUS FACTOR ~ a small box of chocolates, movie popcorn and soda, a basketball going in the basket, a pic of holding hands

 7090_654816834626434_7719281041616181870_n 61lDc tumblr_m5f0fqz1bh1ro6p8bo1_500giphytumblr_inline_nbo6ueRWGz1s9ukid

Some times when you buy an anthology you buy it because of one author. (I bought this one because Nick Hasse had a story in it.) So you get one good story and a collection of so-so or not so good stories. That is not the case with this anthology. There are many good stories for you to enjoy. So….


A big Thank You for Harmony Ink / Dreamspinner Press for putting together a wonderful anthology!


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ManCandy Mondays – men in suits part II

So what could possible top a man in a fine suit you ask?

How about MORE suit Porn or that moment when the suit falls open: loose and unlovely as sails waiting to catch the wind… or your breath in this case….


Luciano Acuna Jr.         Salvador Morales tumblr_n4gwnbbO6w1qfbckzo1_500               tumblr_n4oe3gzhYw1qfbckzo1_500

tumblr_n3s0nrJnvv1rdkypqo1_500                                           10429825_10204419033944367_3036194172402341594_nmarlonforeafall11tumblr_mwyuj3rc7W1qh4ld6o1_500   tumblr_n6ljxwvUWp1rykny1o1_500252434_455277541213932_1567985608_n                       269289_241196505997832_840671874_n310136_118376891607017_100003041197365_102233_736730504_n      522518_107155132754006_100003785590101_27951_1957196647_n408480_308427632624179_574041123_n 409580_154925371309582_1078228224_n575472_195279137256406_177107109073609_330939_1902529387_n   582704_208808835904003_100003246658240_338985_877852633_n734667_568666899828354_2049329674_nchris evansmilano nacho 345                   tumblr_lfus4un1Bg1qcge9ho1_500tumblr_m5ubdr1YfL1r8cnw7o1_500tumblr_m7q3xjp4BF1qg22hlo1_500tumblr_m8hmcoadyy1r9wyj4o1_400tumblr_m61asnMl491rtu7hvo1_500









Themes to look for this fall:


Jean & Dress Shirts

Rugged & Raw

the Work Out


Leather Touch

I see right through to you

Have a naughty request?

Leave a comment and let us know what flavor of ManCandy you’d like to see on Monday

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Words… Edits… and @#)&%#… Autocorrects!!

31 47 128 96859b3fa4 autocorrect1 AutoCorrect-Fail autocorrect-iphone-fails_25 best-autocorrect-fails-iphone-2_thumb best-autocorrect-fails-iphone-5_thumb Best-Autocorrect-fails-of-2012-6 Best-Autocorrect-fails-of-2012-12 creditrunt-of-the-web-com2didnt_we_all enhanced-buzz-6875-1364160396-8 (2)

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Talking Kink ‘n Seduction – Gaining a new dictionary

Gaining a new dictionary

Growling Guru & Baby Boy


I’ve learned a lot in the last decade in which I have been involved in the Lifestyle, much of which is that there exists an entire slew of words we use. Ordinary words, unique words, colloquialisms, vulgarities; living and knowing about the Lifestyle will give you a brand new dictionary you won’t always find in Webster’s or Oxford’s inscriptions.




To start, there are two categories of people who use BDSM, both equally important.tumblr_nc2wscrLhI1ttnpuco1_500

Players- People who ONLY use bdsm, in the bedroom or in the context of a scene.

Lifestylers- People who use bdsm outside of a scene or in everyday life. May or may not be 24/7.


In a scene1 there are two active parties. Tops and Bottoms.

Tops are the ones who physically inflict or carry out a scene.

Bottoms are the ones Tops inflict upon.


Then there’s the way we define ourselves. Doms and Subs.

Doms (Dommes-feminine) are people who take mental control of the entire scene, but they can be broken down into lots of categories:

  • Some are Sadistic, enjoying a more forceful rule of the scene, delivering harsh (often painful) punishments or (sometimes equally painful) rewards.
  • Some are Masochistic, where they enjoy having pain inflicted upon them. If they are in control of the means, quantity, and quality of pain they receive, they are still Doms.
  • Some are called Daddies/Mommies or Daddy/Mommy Doms. Typically paired with a sub called a Little, DDs/MDs can be sadistic or not, but are always (some may consider overly) nurturing, protective and indulgent of their subbie counterparts.





tumblr_nbm71xJupE1s51648o1_500Subs are the people within a scene who give up mental and/or emotional control of a scene and can likewise we categorized many ways.

  • Sadistic subs are a bit of a rare breed, but are complementary to Masochistic Doms. They enjoy inflicting pain but would rather not control the scene.
  • Masochistic subs are much more common and are the stereotypically depicted submissives.
  • Littles (boy or girl) can be masochistic or not. These are the subs who enjoy things many would consider childish (i.e., cartoons, coloring books, stuffed animals, etc.)
  • Pets may or may not be into humiliation play2, but typically enjoy being refered to or characterized as a type of animal. Kittens and Puppies are most common, though I have met some Alpha Subs who preferred predatory species.
  • Alpha Subs are submissives that are willing to perform acts on other subs AS DELEGATED by their Dom. (This is where things start getting tricky but trust me, Poly-groups are some of the most fun people I’ve met.) Alpha Subs tend to enjoy the feeling of “extra-ness” by being able to complete their tasks and help their Dom.
  • Omegas are the last type of sub I will discuss, and are the supplement to the Alpha Sub. These are the ones who prefer to be the low person on the totem pole, so to speak. (Most Omegas I know have been into Humiliation play, but there are no absolutes in our world.)

In another category altogether you have Switches who are really quite hard to define and so are lumped into one umbrella-term. Switches are people who are willing to perform either (or both, in a group) as Dom or Sub to varying degrees.  Switches can be Sadistic, Masochistic or neither.








Another term you will hear thrown around sometimes is Alpha. (This is not to be confused with Alpha Subs.) Alphas are people who may or may not consciously live the lifestyle, but are generally known to be in control. IF they are in the Lifestyle, they usually are Doms. Alpha Doms may or may not be willing to work a scene with other Doms, but are not truly satisfied unless they are the ones truly in charge of the scene. (My experience with Alphas is that they tend to micromanage, very Type-A personality, some are downright assholes but we love them sometimes in spite of, but usually because of it all.)


tumblr_m3utrzniWN1qbhmlvo1_500 tumblr_n5zceq6Aqq1risr9ko1_500 tumblr_n06t840tpG1segfwoo1_1280



And Lastly, I have saved the most important words of all, Limits and Safewords.


  • Limits are something that you and your partner must sit and discuss before ANY kind of foray into this word should occur. They are an outline of what you each will and will NOT be consenting to during the course of the scene or relationship. Limits are a fluid thing that can and will change as you grow, learn and experience but they should be considered an ongoing discussion between you and your partner. Do not allow your partner to bully you past your limits, but DO allow yourself to explore as far as your comfortable and talk to your partner about why they push that limit.
  • Safewords are special words that you and your partner agree will be used to stop or slow a scene, should you be too close to your limits. Many have UNIQUE safewords, like “Butterfly,” to be used because of some personally special reason. There are also UNIVERSAL safewords that many clubs (and people) use.
    • Green (or Blue)- is the universal word that means “Yes, everything is fine to continue as agreed upon.”
    • Yellow (or Orange) – is the universal word to slow a scene or change course. At this point responsible partners should communicate about WHY a safeword was called, and the Dom(me) will decide whether to slow or change the scene as needed.
    • RED Means stop.

No matter what safeword is given, partners should listen and respect the decision as responsible adults. There is no shame in safewording. If you are afraid to safeword, you should reevaluate your mentality and your relationship to see where the problem lies. Likewise, you should not use a safeword as a “get out of jail free” card. All aftercare, and punishments that have been agreed upon should then be given.


Why do we use safewords? Why can’t we say No or Stop? For safety. Quite simply, the three most common detrimental words are No, Don’t, and Stop. Whether in pain or pleasure, “No… Don’t…. Stop” is panted just the same and nothing spoils a great orgasm than your partner backing off because YOU ACCIDENTALLY TOLD THEM TO!



Now, this is only scratching the surface because there are so many labels we all use to define ourselves. The biggest thing to remember is that ONE person’s definition may not be identical to yours, so please take the time to get to know someone before making any kind of committing decision.


1Scene- Any isolated situation in which bdsm is used.

2Humilation play – Scenes that focus on deriding or otherwise shaming the bottom, sometimes publically.


Thanks again for reading! Any questions or comments, leave in the comments section below.


GG-bb bio

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STOP! Those words don’t go with those shoes. A defense of artisans of the word media



Do you think anyone ever looked at a painting by Pablo Picasso and said: “I can’t believe he used pink that way. I mean, the nerve. How dare he use it like that? It’s not even a real pink.”

  If_Picasso_Painted_Mona_Lisa-1378263732     images(2)     images

Mmm probably not, while like any artist I doubt he was repose from critics, as I recall many had outwardly spoken against him, that he should be ashamed of himself for stepping into and marring the beauty that is art with the peddling of such displays that even a toddler could do better at drawing with crayons.

1-Matador-Luis-Miguel-Dominguin-1897-Pablo-Picasso   tumblr_m7thgx8m8n1qg39ewo1_500 classic-painting-by-Picasso


While I may not be a guru on the timeline of his art works or at what point he went out of his way to prove them wrong, I’m not sure. But he did eventual shut them up and went on to be famous for the abstraction he is best at. Perhaps you missed it, for all the above images are works of no one but Pablo Picasso. Including the one that looks like a Claude Monet painted of a dude playing golf or the sketch of matador Luis Miguel Dominguin to show he really did know how to draw.

Of course, now, they are revered like most all his paintings but they weren’t the ones that made him stand out.


The point of this is while he and all other artists are subject to criticism, I can’t recall a time when anyone was ever criticized for their media. Painters are allowed to use every color of the universal vast spectrum… sculptors are free to use metal, plaster, wood, ice, watermelons and even garbage… pretty much whatever they can get their hands on.


poseidon2-580x386 spongebob-sculpture tumblr_lh4ep37yRb1qb6s7no1_500



So why is it, a Writer isn’t allowed to use words so freely?

It is most flummoxing to me. That according to these critics I’m not allowed to do this.

I mean seriously, words are our media. And I am not talking about being allowed to get away with grammar misspellings or type-o’s… but certainly if the 15 year teenage punk is allowed to make up a new word that everyone uses to such a degree that TWERKING just got indicted into the hall of fame of Webster listings, while Lascivious is still sitting out in the cold despite support from literary support and acceptance.

Words get changed, altered and made up every day, the language of using them evolves with ever generation. If it didn’t we’d still be reading: Thou’st make thine lips come true with rouge from such succulent kiss upon mine.



So if language is fate to always change, flux, be convoluted into such bastardization of meaning and vision until it become mainstream only to be altered again, then WHY CANT AN AUTHOR whose media is the word itself be the frontier of such exquisite explorations?

 One would think a story teller would be far craftier at creating new words that some kid who hasn’t even finished school yet. Not only are authors often ridiculed to the nines about using slang or EEEK… god forbidden, a  FOREIGN  WORD…. But we’re not even allowed to stretch the boundaries of an already existent word’s meaning.  One of our fortes’ for me and Talon.

Take THECA for example. We’re probably the only 2 people on the planet to use it in erotic lit. That’s a difficult crown to capture, but we have, so back off bee’tchess. But Theca is such an awesome word. It was a treasure to find. But wow do we get shit for it. “That doesn’t even fit there!”

Well, yeah, actually it DOES>

THECA – the vulva, area of seeding in a plant or to describe the womb if the female anatomy

Synonym – THECA – n. (urban dictionary included) – Pussy, Cunt, Twat, Vulva, Vagina, Hoohoo, Mound, Entrance, Lady Bits, Nethers, Pudendum, Silk Walls, Heaven Box,  Down There, Pink Parts, Garden of Eden,


I could go on, but they just head down the hill toward ridiculousness or to the side which succumbs to the pit of vulgarism.

For a writer of erotica, the above choices leave the palate a bit dry. Yet when faced with a novel size story with considerable explicitness, one must delve down deep into the bargain bend for alternative words to break up the mainstream of verbiage. Even if it means using some orally gift retrofitting. We love the word Theca







It rolls off the tongue in a warm whisper to kiss the back of your neck. It’s soft and polite and can be used most anytime of the scene where as Cunt is usually reserved for the raw fuck me moments and angry sex. Pussy is usually the one over used… O.o… but for us we tend to savor it for when super wet is acceptable… Lady Bits can be amusing and polite in mixed company. Vagina we’ll leave to the gynecologists. Down There is for those who play naively naughty but don’t want to get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

When reading one of our books, pack a lunch, we’re not shy one bit and we plan to have you on the edge of euphoria for a page or two. Edging is a favorite sport of ours.

Nethers and Pudendum seem fitting when it’s DEEP. But Theca is our favorite of them all. It whispers against your lips like naughty poetry that will make you blush in more than one place in a most provocatively delicious way.

Theca won its place in our work because Hoohoo….???


 Rolls_Eyes             going speechless         736124



we rest our case.



V for Vendetta

written by Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski, from characters created by Alan Moore & David Lloyd

V: Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villian by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. (he carves a “V” into a sign) The only verdict is vengence; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. (giggles) Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

Evey: Are you like a crazy person?

V: I’m quite sure they will say so.



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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Revenge: the Cowboy Way by P.A. Estelle


3.5 stars


3.5 stars

Review for REVENGE: The Cowboy Way by PA Estelle (Pig & Rooster)


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

Historical / Western / Romance

(Copy provided by publisher for an honest review.)


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~





When Brian Thornton is taken by surprise at gunpoint, while in the bed of a beautiful, wealthy woman, he swears his revenge. But when he learns his humiliation was at the hands of a young woman and a boy, his vengeance knows no bounds.

Joanna Simmons finds herself snatched out of her home and taken to Thornton’s ship. Against her will, she travels to Texas, and then by wagon train to Bastrop, Brian’s hometown. Joanna finds acceptance and genuine friendship with the people of the town, down to Brian’s sister, but the emotional war that wages between Brian and Joanna, keeps any kind of happiness at bay. 

Revenge, the Cowboy Way, is the story of hate, love and revenge. The question is whose revenge is it?





~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


It’s been a long time since I read a good, old-fashioned romance for romances’ sake, and an historical romance to boot. 


Joanna is the poor misunderstood young thing with naught but her will to survive and her virginity, to speak for her.  Of course it’s her will to survive and all that necessitates for a young woman of the times, which lands her in the clutches of the nefarious Brian Thornton.  


The course of true love in this story, takes a long and circuitous route from land to sea to wagon train to ranch.  There is plenty of time for Joanna to develop some pluck as a character and a woman, and equal time for Brian to prove, once again, that men of history must have been complete dolts and only divine providence prevented their extinction!   I mean, really?   Can’t ask for directions nor clarification, apparently.  Couldn’t you have just cut to the chase, Brian?


Okay, I admit there would not have been a book if he had done the obvious.  And there is a fine accounting of events, especially on the wagon train, which contribute to lives full of grand places, amusing secondary characters, interfering past lovers and requisite baddies.   


The elements are all there, and I appreciated the journey.  I never warmed to Brian.  At all.   It’s difficult to say this, but I find a romance ultimately unsatisfying if I don’t care about both halves of the whole.   I found myself thinking Joanna could do better…


Notwithstanding, this is intended as a fine, sweet read in the historical context, and that is exactly what P.A. Estelle delivers. 



~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

REVENGE, THE COWBOY WAY also received the following ratings:








ONUS FACTOR  ~ entertaining secondary characters






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ManCandy Monday brings you Suit Porn


 A Man can be sexy in so many ways. But a man in a suit? … Oh yeah, **sighs**

1510006_666489006747496_224462451_n             1382419_482525755182628_106400743_n 1544304_666488580080872_957634530_n

 fsfas            tumblr_meyc9e3NUc1qbjqn3o1_1280 tumblr_mfhhv1QSh01rsbtspo1_500            tumblr_na2nvh5pjc1te0bypo1_500 tumblr_nb2v51JiSs1sf5w2ao1_400           tumblr_mx9bz6yXvt1t311eoo1_500tumblr_m379gaFT441qmpdmdo1_500424172_10150587883162841_778177840_8762401_297135520_n           Cabal 2CSS Sarar FW 07-08 (14) CSS Sarar FW 07-08 (16)           CSS Sarar FW 07-08 (20)   gabriel-aubry-real-man-wallpapers-1600x1200                Hugo-Boss200010mtumblr_mc3yakDAja1r4he3so1_500          tumblr_n6tr46ZTja1r1sa51o1_500                tumblr_nb77sbM2TG1qg4knho1_500


tumblr_n79e3foU1q1sgz4lzo1_500 tumblr_n4c36m9CiT1secqcwo1_500




Themes to look for this fall:

Suit Porn part II: Taking Them Off


Jean & Dress Shirts

Rugged & Raw

the Work Out


Leather Touch

I see right through to you

Have a naughty request?

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Weekend Pillow Talk and Gossip on the twins:



Editing on DOMMING THE HEIRESS book 1.5 from the Best Selling Series The Dominion of Brothers is NOW finished; which seemed to have taken far longer than usual. Mostly because it kept expanding and because Amazon has strict deadlines for pre-orders, so every tick of the clock was ringing in my head. I know the Lovely Alison is glad to have it done, I may have put a few creases in her shirt from tugging anxiously at her. **toes the ground**




The rest of the brothers in the series have also been mumbling about in m head. And for all you series haters out there, be warned: once Taking Over Trofim comes out, the rest of the series wont be stand alone reads. A terrible twist develops in book 4 that arcs over the remaining books before it is completely solved in the final edition: The Golden Masters’ Darkside (formerly called Dane’s Darkside). **whistles innocently** Sorry, still sworn to secrecy on this one.


gabriel-aubry-badthings promo



New ventures are on the horizon for the twins. While you’ll still be able to catch posts and shenanigans here on facebook, we’ve taken to Twitter with scandalous flirting… we’ve added some new activities to the website including Two Writers’ Ramblings on Wednesdays and Talking Kink ‘n Seduction on Fridays…. and don’t forget you can always browse our rated X ManCandy, Kittens and Porn on Tumblr, (viewers discretion advised)


        TWITTER                                        TUMBLR



Oct 7th: DOMMING THE HEIRESS WILL BECOME AVAILABLE ONLY AT AMAZON. And to celebrate we’ll be holding a Release Party on facebook with some naughty fun and a chance to win one of several autographed copies we’ll be giving away.

So keep an eye out for invitations.




Last up for gossip grabs, we’ll be having a super salacious gift basket being offered for a random drawing soon to show our appreciation for reviewers. That’s right, I said reviewers.  All you have to do is leave a review ( At Amazon or Barnes & Noble) for anyone of our books, then send us the link, and you’re entered for a gift basket filled naughty goodies valued at nearly $100.00. So keep a watch out for more details coming soon.



I promise it’ll be better than this.

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Talking Kink ‘n Seduction – Welcoming Growling Guru & Baby Boy




First and foremost, I would like to thank anyone who takes the time to read this post; I know time is precious, so I will try to be a succinct as possible.
My name is Baby Boy. I am a 29 year old male practicing submissive of the last 10 years to my lover-turned-husband/Dom, my Growling Guru. Why are we here? Well my bestie, Princess SO (twin and fellow author with Talon PS), approached us, asking us to contribute a weekly segment about sexuality and the Kink-related lifestyle and BDSM for her blog/website, and we are delighted to participate!

So I guess the most pertinent question to start is “What is BDSM?”

Denotatively, I could tell you that it is an acronym for a collection of sexual and non-sexual lifestyle or play preferences that include three separate categories of Bondage and domination, Dominance and submission, and Sadism and Masochism. Now, as I mentioned before, these things do not have to be sexual in nature to be prevalent in your life, though there are certainly a number of people who find it quite fun to explore these possibilities.






Bondage is exactly as it sounds: the physical aspect having at least one partner tied in some fashion, to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. There are many ways to bind someone using any and all manner of media (e.g., cotton or nylon rope, leather straps, chains, manacles, handcuffs, the list goes on and on) that depends entirely on your preference, practices, and experience level.

***safety aspect(s): Always check multiple times for adequate blood flow of anyone tied; when the binding is first done and periodically throughout your scene until it is time to remove the ropes. Keep Scissors on hand for emergency removal of ropes. NEVER leave someone bound and unattended for ANY length of time. ***








Domination and submission (D/s) : When someone feels emotional and/or sexual gratification from a consensual exchange of power dynamic, they are said to be Dominant or Submissive, depending on their preference to take or give power, respectively. Within this category there are several subclasses, such as Alpha Subs, Omegas, Little Boys/Girls, Slaves, Betas, and in a class all their own are Switches! All of these, I will go into great detail on in a separate article, or we’d be here all night.

*** Consent is key. Without freely given consent from ALL PARTIES, your relationship is abusive mentally, emotionally and possibly physically.***











10714814_324589201035528_318915012_nSadism and Masochism (S/M): Once again, I cannot stress enough the point of mutual CONSENT and EXPERIENCE that is required. This is the part of the lifestyle that pertains to the sexual gratification from giving and receiving pain. Do you like a little (or big) bite here and there? How about swift spanking? Does the sting of a leather flogger haunt your dreams? What about a six-foot long bullwhip snapped across your back and around your torso? Or your partners flesh twitching with anticipation as they wonder where the next blow will strike?

*** S/M is completely independent of D/s, and can be combined in any way or not at all. ***


Now this is just an overview of what can be included under the umbrella term “Kink” or “BDSM.” Some people even identify Kink as their primary sexual orientation, meaning they are not necessarily attracted to gender, but are attracted to the complementary type of person in their lifestyle.  One of the truly beautiful aspects of this Lifestyle is that you are allowed and encouraged to do only the things you enjoy and desire, and no one can tell you you are wrong for it. The only thing this lifestyle requires is to be SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) sometimes called RACK (Risk-Aware/Accepted Consensual Kink.) In case you hadn’t noticed, Consent of a willing adult is the only real line in the sand.




On a personal note, I identify as a Bisexual Switch. This means I like men and women in and outside of kink, and I am willing and able to Dominate or submit to my lover as we both agree. To my husband, I am only submissive because he is only Dominant. However he does on occasion (and with my permission) share me sexually with other(s) and it is with them that I may indulge my dominant or heterosexual-esque desires, if I so choose.


If you are interested to learn more about the Kinky people in your area, talk to the cashier or manager at your local adult store (or Kink store, if you have one) and ask if they know of any Munches happening, or anything of the sort. Meetups.com is also a good online source to find them in your local area. Keep in mind, a Munch is a gathering of like-minded kinky people to talk and enjoy their lifestyle without judgment. It can happen at a public place or a private residence, and as long as you have an open mind, most are willing to help you learn and grow.


I think I have talked your ear off enough for one day, but please any questions of comments, feel free to leave below and we will answer post-haste!

~Baby Boy~


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