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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Curious by R.G. Alexander


5 stars

5 ~ Stars!

Review of ~ CURIOUS by R.G. Alexander

Romance / MM / Contemporary

 (copy purchased at Barnes and Noble)


Reviewed by Terry ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

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Are you Curious?

Jeremy Porter is. Though the bisexual comic book artist has known Owen Finn for most of his life—long enough to know that he is terminally straight—he can’t help but imagine what things would be like if he weren’t.

Owen is far from vanilla—as a dominant in the local fetish community, he sees as much action as Jeremy does. Lately even more.

Since Jeremy isn’t into collars and Owen isn’t into men, it seems like his fantasies will remain just that forever…until one night when Owen gets curious.

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Welcome to the world of MM R.G. Alexander!! I’m not talking about the mm that melts in your mouth and not in your hand either, but do keep that motto in mind. *wink* This is R.G. Alexander’s first MM story and as with her other stories she has knocked it out of the ball park!! I have been so lucky to find some great books and this is another so no spoilers for this review *WEG*

I just love Jeremy and Owen. Best friends forever and men who avoid commitment like the plague. Hey they are still young enough to enjoy the many pleasures the single life has to offer. Owen is about to have his 35th birthday and instead of a big party at the Finn family pub he has decided he wants to keep it simple with his best friend this year, but simple is the last thing this story is. Although the sex is hotter than hades the story will captivate you as well. You are going to love learning about Owen and Jeremy, I know I did.

I love how R.G. Alexander has taken the road a little less traveled and given us characters that are a bit older, one is a Dominant and the other is bi-sexual. Both of our main characters are lovable and you will become vested in them from the get go. How could you not love two sexy alpha males, especially when they become curious?

This is the first book in R.G. Alexander’s series The Finn Factor. Thank the plot bunnies because she has given us some great secondary characters as well. This series will have something for everyone, mm/mf/mfm/ and it looks like there will also be a surprise. I love surprises!!!

Curious, Owen is *sly grin* not to mention so is Jeremy.  So get comfy and come meet the Finn Family and enjoy all the hospitality the family is known for, as long as you’re on their good side. *wink* Did I forget to mention there is a little intrigue as well?


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CURIOUS also received the following ratings:




HEAT FACTOR ~ 4 Flames


STING FACTOR ~ 2 first experience with a paddle and cuffs


TWIST FACTOR ~ 2 waiting for the other shoe to drop, don’t mess with family


BONUS FACTOR ~ great friends, sabotage of a wedding, a lake house

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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Gyrfalcon by Anna Butler -


4 stars

~ 4 Stars ~

Review of GYRFALCON by Anna Butler

 SciFi / Futuristic / Space /M-M Romance

Copy provided by Publisher for honest review.


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

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Earth’s last known colony, Albion, is fighting an alien enemy. In the first of the Taking Shield series, Shield Captain Bennet is dropped behind the lines to steal priceless intelligence. A dangerous job, and Bennet doesn’t need the distractions of changing relationships with his long-term partner, Joss, or with his father—and with Flynn, the new lover who will turn his world upside-down. He expects to risk his life. He expects the data will alter the course of the war. What he doesn’t expect is that it will change his life or that Flynn will be impossible to forget.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Gyrfalcon began with a perfectly sweet touchdown into the world and declining hopes of Albion and the long-displaced humans, and their largely unknown but much mightier enemy of Maess.  There were none of the usual “where-am-I-and-why-can’t-I-remember-the-background” issues I often experience while getting myself situated as a reader in the oft-complex settings of SciFi.  Instead, I felt like I was in the hands of an old friend; comfortable, endearing characters, exciting space-oriented tales of derring-do and all with the cozy feel of a Firefly episode.  Throw in a glass of wine and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Captain Bennett is an effective hero, in that his covert operations as a Shield operative are critical to the cause of ending an interminable war, but largely unrecognized by virtue of their secrecy.  He is one of the quiet heroes whose efforts go unknown or unacknowledged, and that’s ok with him.  **Cue the “aaaahhhh’s and visions of Captain Mal…**

Bennett has an estranged relationship with his military Commander father, who thinks he took the lazy way out by going to Shield Operations instead of steeped-in-family-tradition Military Fleet, as well as objecting to his relationship with a man, never mind a man 20 years his senior.   And of course, said relationship is also strained by the absences of Need-to-Know field operations, and quite probably by the gap in years.

Dedicated as he is, when the need arises Bennett leaves his Shield Ship in the capable hands of his crew, and heads out on what seems like a suicide mission to get well behind enemy lines, and to substantially redraw those lines while he’s there.  His task is to use the Military Fleet forces to assist him in and hopefully out of the incursion in one piece, and with enough information to turn the tide of the war.   The closest and most practical Fleet ship to assist is commanded by none other than his estranged father, and is crewed by a very competent and somewhat rag-tag group of individuals the reader will come to know and love.   Especially the irreverent and seriously horn-dog Flynn.

The course of events is mostly about the meticulous planning and secrecy of the operation, and how Bennet comes to know and trust each of his chosen support team.  The operation itself is remarkably succinct within the story, but powerful in its simplicity of presentation.   Kudos for that Ms. Butler; much appreciated.  In SEAL team style it goes off with nail-biting exactitude, though there is a toll that was surprisingly touching in its revelations about being the survivor.

And then of course, there is the life-affirming coming together of Flynn and Bennett which must, of a necessity, come to an end **cue grumbling romance reader who REQUIRES an HEA…** but is sweet and profound and heartfelt in the midst of its frenzied, take-it-all-in-while-you-can moment in the sun.

But life changing experiences have a way of altering the course of personal events as well as world events, and I hope we have not seen the last of Flynn…in an official capacity as well as a personal one.   Because HFN, and barely that, just does NOT sit well with me.   SciFi characters need love too…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

GYRFALCON also received the following ratings:






BONUS FACTOR  ~ Solid Scifi with enough romance for this reader’s jaded heart, and the sweet-sweet touch of FIREFLY for good measure! ~







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ManCandy Monday – Is a well dressed man part 2

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Katianna bit her lip, her head pressing back letting her eyes flutter closed, and she let her hand slip between her legs. Her fingers teased over the hooded cluster of nerves before delivering a firmer touch drawing the sensitive button out for her to stroke underneath her fingertips, and her hips flinched with the first contact. Swollen petals sent shockwaves through her hips and thighs as her fingers teased them open. She traced around the ultra-sensitive rim heightened by the bath products, and she could feel the silky wetness just waiting for her, and she let her fingers slip in.

So hot and tight— it surprised her. She rarely masturbated and certainly not by her own hand, but she needed some release, even if minor. She let out a gasp as she pulled her fingers out then thrust them back in two at a time. Her hips jerked and she shuddered at her own contact. Waves of tormented delight shot through her and she moaned. The muscles of her pussy clamped around her fingers desperate for a stronger hand.

So sensitive and aroused, she pumped her fingers in gentle waving motions to stroke her inflamed and rippling walls. Like a firestorm of erotic lacerations that rippled through her, annihilating her with the need for release. She quickened her strokes, spreading her thighs wider to gain deeper access inside herself. Her head tossed back, and she whimpered with tormented need. It was exquisite and heady. She palmed against the pearl, intensifying the lusty pressure as she fought to bring herself to climax. Her breath deepening, almost strangled as she sought out the elation that refused to embrace her, lingering just out of reach in cruel gestures of torture.

Oh god, she burned— burning wave after wave. The more she touched herself, the more the enhancing creams heightened the sensations they created. It was painful hunger that caused her to whimper for what she could not bring about.

“Would you like some help with that?” Trenton’s voiced replaced the music that no longer filled the room.

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