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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Soul Rest, by Joey W. Hill


5 stars

~ 5 Stars ~

Review of SOUL REST, by Joey W. Hill

Contemporary Erotic Romance / BDSM / police drama

ARC copy provided by author for honest review.


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

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Celeste has worked hard to establish her freelance blog as a source of accurate crime news for the Baton Rouge area. Being a workaholic, focusing solely on her career, was her choice. Five years ago, she had a life-changing experience in a BDSM club that made it clear she is a submissive, but she believes her past makes embracing that path impossible. Then Sergeant Leland Keller walks into her life. He’s the Dom she’s always feared and hoped she’d meet, and he recognizes her as what he’s been looking for as well. But she fights submission as much as she longs for it.


Leland always thought he was looking for a docile, sweet-natured sub, but the heart wants what it wants. He can tell Celeste is aching for love and surrender. Having served in the military and now as a patrol sergeant in one of Baton Rouge’s most dangerous districts, he doesn’t shy from a challenge.


His job is to protect and serve. He’s not going to let her down.


 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Leland Keller was one of those JWH full-bodied secondary characters introduced in the Knights of the Boardroom tale, ‘Afterlife’.  He stood out both in his actions as the cop who extracted Rachel from a bad situation, and his quiet follow-up actions as a Dom which secured her care and support to Jon.

Celeste Lewis, local reporter extraordinaire, once acerbically coined the phrase ‘Knights of the Boardroom’ to describe the series’  Kensington Associates, all of which got her a Vignette trip down the rabbit hole at the hands and the paddles of one of the said Associates.

But that was then, and this is now, and the fates have decreed that Leland and Celeste should encounter one another over murder and mayhem and bad fast food, and that Leland should be the one to make the surreal Wonderland a thing of the past…or at least put it in its proper place for Celeste.

With a gang-slash-drug-slash-murder case as the background to their cop/reporter relationship, Leland senses an atypical integrity in Celeste’s professional approach and he becomes relentless with his efforts to pursue Celeste in his inimitable Dom-court-press style.   Would that my school basketball career had such in the play-book, but alas…and I digress…

Celeste is an outwardly strong, independent woman whose professional heart and very restless soul is in the right place.  A scarred and traumatic childhood has left her a fighter for the right on one hand, and on the other hand a woman with a need to hang on to the control that keeps her core self in one piece; that true soul no one gets to see.  Her past encounter down that K&A inspired rabbit hole shone a glaring light on that core and on her true nature, but she could not surmount the fear that letting go into the hands of another might fail utterly, and leave her unable to put her carefully constructed pieces back together.  While unfulfilling to ignore that reality, some chances just aren’t worth taking.

Enter Leland, a man who inhabits the rabbit hole, embodies all that she longs for yet is afraid of, and who is frighteningly adept at chipping away at her protected core, almost making it seem safe to let him in.   In a perfect balance of methods engaging both mind and body, and adapting to the need of the moment, he convinces that all but shattered soul of hers that he can and will give it rest.

Though life is not perfect, security is a sense that fluctuates, and the process is ongoing, what Celeste comes away with is the knowledge that, while even alone she can not be broken,  trusting  her care to the partner who accepts all of her gremlins only strengthens her core self and puts her soul at rest.

Now if she could just keep that reporter a$$ of hers out of trouble…10846101_1621813944718481_8165113487252752907_n

Often for a reader as a really exceptional series comes to its inevitable conclusion, there is a reluctance to let it go.   But this time, all the Knights have found their ladies-fair, and while everyone still has work to do on and for themselves, its a happy work.   We get to see all of them coming together for the happiest of occasions and successfully working their way through all of life’s vagaries.   And because this series never waned in its excellence, we are, each reader in their own way, free to write those continuing personal stories of the Knights in our own minds.

Unless we can convince Joey that a new Vignette is due for one thing or another, that is…


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

SOUL REST also received the following ratings:


ROMANCE FACTOR  ~ 5 Hearts ~


HEAT FACTOR ~ 4 Flames ~


STING FACTOR ~ 3 Paddles ~


TWIST FACTOR  ~ lots of police action, and the girl caps the bad guy ~



BONUS FACTOR  ~  A friend’s wedding, a “reception” like no other, and its all a fitting conclusion to the tale of THE KNIGHTS OF THE BOARDROOM  ~

 35c6b4251b94f0d7_leo_dance_1_.xxxlarge dude-wedding-reception-dance-fail GIF-Wedding-Photo-FAIL



bncs promo poster


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ManCandy Monday has gone all out Gandy Candy

250389_10152562799322443_5419671032358973391_n   tumblr_nfbqt63sMt1t8jivmo1_500 tumblr_nfmu5hjxHA1qg22hlo1_500   002_1Right One 4 Diesel promo poster - rediced 500x7003nu5yqlzn32jk0gqbszz33w453356191032010709   000802ab801809f27cfc32936full-david-gandy   ATTITUDE-MAGAZINE-DAVID-GANDY-by-MARIANO-VIVANCO-07d32   david gandy56david_gandy_3   david-gandy (2)1382419_482525755182628_106400743_n   1546038_10204687621214425_5015347834956728128_n1901810_1549922861888611_3569052382682020929_n   1926701_274680506032373_160093789_n1972278_287450771422013_4790969619886972549_n   10154200_276982869135470_1263638368_narticle-2539995-1AB0008F00000578-676_634x833   Rich-Hardcastle_-__3155253ktumblr_m3ejwkuXJN1ql3cv0o1_500   tumblr_mky67wflQw1rk8c1lo1_1280tumblr_mq57ueapjH1qlnm34o7_500   tumblr_nd8vz0T0iB1skvmhno1_400

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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – A Barlow Lens by Elizabeth Noble


3 stars

 3 ~ Stars!


Crime-Mystery / Suspense / Romance / MM

 (copy provided by author for honest review)


Reviewed by Terry ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

 More Great Games.lnk

While planning a future with his partner, Val, Wyatt’s past refuses to be forgotten. Wyatt’s old friend asks him to look into the mysterious death of her uncle in a fire back in 1927, when men were silent, tough, and did not love other men—except when they did. Working with Val, Wyatt digs up clues uncovering the truth behind the tragic school fire and the one responsible. The story of Tom and Philip slowly reveals itself, and Wyatt and Val realize nothing is as simple as they originally believed. As their trail heats up, an old enemy of Wyatt’s decides he’s waited long enough for revenge. If Wyatt can’t tie everything together, history might repeat itself.








~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A Barlow Lens is the second book in the Circle Series by Elizabeth Noble. I didn’t read the first story Run for the Roses, but if you are like me and read series out of order you don’t need to worry about that. A Barlow Lens can stand on its own. I will let you know you want to pay attention to the definition of what the Barlow Lens does it will help you understand how the story is told. *wink*

I felt this story was more of a mystery/suspense then a romance story. One of the things I enjoyed was this story is actually two stories in one. You will get a story from the past (I’m calling this the Barlow effect LOL) and one from the present.

There are a few déjà vu moments in these stories that are fun and a little spooky at the same time. Elizabeth gave us a look at how the lives of people who were attracted to the same sex lived back in the 20’s. Homosexuality was far from accepted back then so people had to sneak and meet in private clubs to be together. You are going to love how Tom and Philip got a little help to be together *wink* But it isn’t all roses, there is trouble brewing in the past story as well as the present.

The one thing that I would have like to see in these stories would have been more of a connection. The stories are told separately, well because one is from the past but as Wyatt and Val discover what happen to Tom and Philip I would have liked to have seen them find the story as well as having the Barlow effect tell the story.

I have already spilled enough of the story but I will tell you I enjoyed this story enough to get the first story as well. I need to know the whole story behind Wyatt and Val. So if you don’t mind reading a series out of order I say experience the Barlow effect now. Or you can start with Run for the Roses book one and then see how the Barlow Lens works and enjoy this series in order.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A BARLOW LENS also received the following ratings:




HEAT FACTOR ~ 1 Flames


TWIST FACTOR ~ 3 for things that aren’t always what they seem

mindtrick  Keep staring until second instructions show up lol

BONUS FACTOR ~ Déjà vu, a horse race, and a night sky through a telescope

Zl2D6GT tumblr_lympczMGk41qh1byio1_500 giphy(4)




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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Untrustworthy by JR Gershen-Siegel


3 stars

~ 3 Stars ~

Review of UNTRUSTWORTHY by JR Gershen-Siegel

SciFi / f-f / m-f / Dystopian


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



Winner of the first Annual Riverdale Avenue NaNoWriMo contest, JR Gershen-Siegel’s first published novel Untrustworthy is a ground-breaking science fiction novel of Dystopian politics in an oddly familiar alien culture that pits gender “norm” against gender-bend in an age-old battle.


“Untrustworthy is old-school political dystopia in the vein of Brave New World: brilliant, gripping, frightening. JR Gershen-Siegel tackles gender politics and gender oppression with an unflinching eye. Untrustworthy is panned NaNoWriMo gold.”

Cecilia Tan, Publisher of Circlet Press, award-winning author of The Struck by Lightning series


Tathrelle is the only liberal in the Cabossian government. She represents the will of the people and is responsible for communicating with them about how the war with the Cavirii is going. She has a pregnant wife, and all seems well. The future seems promising, until she meets her new assistant. Something is off with the man.

When Tathrelle wakes up the morning after she first met him, she notices that subtle changes seem to have taken place overnight. She shrugs them off.

But it happens again and again. Someone, somehow, is changing everything she knows, as Tathrelle begins to wonder if her memories are faulty or if her mind is going. Can she trust the face she sees in the mirror? Is Caboss winning the war or losing it? Why is she suddenly the one who is pregnant?

Only her dreams provide a clue, a small vestige of what came before.

Trust your dreams, not your memory.



~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


At first blush, “Untrustworthy’s” alien society appears to be diverse and tolerant by all human standards.   Women holding high profile positions of power, gender partnerships of every configuration, fertility possible on a random basis by both partners in multiple births, provided an upbeat beginning to the tale.

Societal issues, ranging from military conflicts to number of sterile pregnancies/births (the latter, a result of specific parentage combinations), were apparently still part of daily life by all government reports, and reports were a regular daily feature intended by the government to keep and informed and therefore contented populace.

Our main heroine begins to sense vague distortions in her reality, but cannot attribute them to anything specific.  Eventually, as that continually declining reality is adjusted to, she accepts it as fact and lives within its confines.

Gradually during the read, I came to understand where the author was quite brilliantly going with her concept.  Consciousness was gradually being altered by certain governmental sects in a play for power, and misinformation and guided hysteria were cultivated in what became an almost Stepford-like mindset.   While not fully a willful indoctrination, there is enough room for interpreting this story as a commentary on what happens when people blindly accept untruths and the fear the unknown which fosters paranoia based on prejudice an weakness.   In the SciFi/Dystopian context, the world is fantastical but the story translates, and the net results are not pretty.

As society reaches self-generated apocalypse, stripped to its bare bones of technology and creature comforts, it reboots itself.   People turn to one another again and common sense once again directs the course of events.

Ultimately I loved how this concept came together and I think it finished with great strength.  I did have a fair amount of difficulty at the outset in determining what this world actually looked like and where I was as a reader, within it.   There seemed an inordinate amount of detail about certain concepts (such as the genetics) that altered the flow of the story for me, and I often found myself having to backtrack and re-read.  In truth of fact, it was simply reading forward and hitting the sweet spot of the story, wherein I found the “Ah Hah” moment and it all came together for me.  I understand that SciFi worlds can be necessarily complex, but this is all the more reason to set them up quickly, concisely and as simply as possible.  I did flounder at the outset from some of the detail and this was compounded by the shifting reality which was core to the story.  In the end, the impact was as intended and almost disturbingly tangible.

Oh how the mighty fall, and when they do, it leaves a mark…


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

UNTRUSTWORTHY also received the following ratings:


ROMANCE FACTOR  ~ 2 Hearts ~


TWIST FACTOR  ~ The Ultimate Mind-fuck…and not in a good way ~


BONUS FACTOR ~ Redemption achieved, though post-apocalyptic ~







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ManCandy Monday giving you the unshaved faces

1507780_1499755510305563_3352644641707066349_n 10425850_651975811575670_7586029809355394219_n1388_aee10363-1625-4e13-89c2-c3b5a103e1f8tumblr_m6a7w3hpQJ1rnyt3eo1_500tumblr_mz6nkjSUXU1rrt383o1_500tumblr_n9c73sZ6vX1rk8c1lo1_500tumblr_ndc2ecK5Me1qgq3d6o1_500tumblr_nf3qn4xGXl1rq5h24o1_500tumblr_nf9aqk5e5p1rk8c1lo1_500tumblr_nht6t59IjR1rs89ylo1_500tumblr_njf6n4PQuT1qeyogho1_500tumblr_nk4fbb7hBQ1rzywfjo1_500 Anthony Pomes carlos san roman by javier tomas biosca Nick Bracewell 4569 Nick Bracewell_777 RJ Rogenski by Tetsu Kubota tumblr_mwivt0On8p1rxx7amo1_500



He finally glanced up with one of them questions steepin’ on the tip of his tongue; only he refrained, seein’ Hank was lookin’ at him. Earl was worryin’ the hell out of him already. Earl was a simple man, grew up around these small mountains; simple town folk and loggin’. He watched just enough sports and news to share friendly conversation with the boys at work reckonin’ not one of them would be all too interested in gay pride and all that. Dammit. He sucked in a deep breath and let it out in a heavy huff that flared out his nose. His mind was in such a rut, just that one stupid thought that flashed in his head that he didn’t even have the man balls to stand up for his own rights, seemed to stamp some kinda of dogma on his life. Like he needed one more thing to make him feel miserable about all the should’ah-could’ah-would’ah choices he had poorly made.
At least this past week he finally made a good one for him. And for Hank.
“I seem to have lost my appetite, Hank. Whad’dah you say we just toss the table scraps out for the critters and we curl up for some tv?”
Hank didn’t lose that wrinkled face for a second but he forced on his boyish smile for him grabbed up the plates, and toted them into the kitchen. Gawd, he did love that man. Earl liked lookin’ at him— watchin’ him— even the most mundane shit like right now, watchin Hank doin’ dishes. Nothin’ fancy ‘cept maybe the faded jeans that were kinda formed around his ass. They were a nice distraction right now. Then again just ‘bout everythin’ about Hank was good for distraction. His man was 50 years old and still had a boy-ish grin about him— kinda like Robert Redford— same hair and color eyes too. Gawd he was a lucky pecker. Why had he wasted so many years not being here with him one hundred percent? Earl felt the stingin’ twitch in his nose like mustard seed and quickly dropped his head and his thoughts to the red-n-white checkered table cloth. He scooted his hand forward and picked at a knife cut in it. Lettin’ the mindless poking sever what ached inside.
Earl’s head popped up and he twisted in his chair glancing over his shoulder, out the window. The banged up thing was still just quietly sittin’ down at the dock, like some ghost waitin’ for somethin’ to happen. But what?

 tumblr_n2pe1wtqoD1tp2nako1_500 tumblr_n48ajbk37R1r4kgf6o1_500 tumblr_nbf23uaAm91tk7cpfo1_500 tumblr_ncwxfziPPY1qfug7bo1_500 tumblr_ne6uqmr4MB1qg4knho1_500 tumblr_nebvpaXdt01r3swmzo1_500 tumblr_neu1zrWTit1sx0mlqo1_500 tumblr_nez9wdFunp1t04gw8o1_500 tumblr_nfglqd9thC1su9ntmo1_500 tumblr_nid3e5Vati1qg22hlo1_1280 tumblr_njl7e2ktI51rem899o1_1280

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Back Stage with the Twins and whats new

Its a fact that baffles many of my author friends, that I write in more than on book at a time. Talon and I always have, if one stopped talking we moved on to the one that was. So with my small 2 week break from writing after the latest double book release, I’m back on the raven’s wing, diligently pushing to get the second book from the Lycotharian Collection: To Catch A Cat on a roll.

Its moving a little lower than I want, but I put a lot of that on the fact I havent worked on it in.. well… over a year now. So I am having to reacquaint myself with our characters. However its not coming at a snails pace either. In the last 3-4 days the word count has gone from 34k to 41k.   But yesterday my brain had an intruder, Dane Masters, from the Dominion of Brothers series, was suddenly waking me up and demanding my time. He is intensely demanding.

Of course any time Dane i talking I do so enjoy taking advantage of the opportunity to tease a certain friend,  Erotic Romance Author: Ava Snow. What makes it so much fun is that woman is ready to throw herself down at that man’s feet, if he would just step off the page and into the 3dimensional real world. And usually its not long before Erotic Author Cleo Taurus is making an appearance and trying to boot Ava out of the waiting line. Dane and I take considerable pleasure watching the pony tail tugging fight. LOL


But enough chatter from me. I promised them a tidbit from yesterday’s writing rump from Dane.

26+Gabriel+Aubry+pic 202012_EGMOI8XM542CBA5PG5OXFI561S1IGO_union31800x600_H014050_L



“I love the color of your skin.” Dane dropped his lips to her shoulder and brushed against her skin, inhaling her fragrance of both perfume and woman mixed together. Visions stepped out from the darkness of his mind, Scandalous— provocative— and downright self-indulging debauchery.

Eave stiffened, “My color? You mean, because I’m black?”

“I see you more as a coffee and cream to wake my senses with.” He kissed the back of her head and let out a warm breath to trace down the spine of her neck, “Does it bother you I would count your color among your assets?”

“I just never thought you’d be the type to see a difference?”

“Then what would be the point?” Dane tightened his arm-hold on her, pressing her back tighter against his chest, and he positioned his lips next to her ear, so there would be no vital words lost between them while the games continued on the transformed dance floor before them. “Beauty comes from the very physical and mental characteristics that make us unique.” Dane kept one arm holding her tight, but loosened his other as he glided his hand down Eave’s belly, “Like a red rose and a white lily, both beautiful but unique from each other. It’s your skin I plan to exploit. The very taste of it— the feel of it as it burns from my belt’s lashes— the very site of it to watch how your flesh turns from brown to rouge. It’s by exploiting all you have to offer that gives me my pleasure. Just like the sounds you are about to make.” His palm reached her mound and he crushed her clit under the heel of his hand.

“Sounds?” Eave gasped.

He could feel her shivering fear. But as frightening as this unknown exploiting sounded, it was clear by her breath, and by the way her hips rolled to press against him, inviting his hand to explore further, that fear or not, she could not dispel she was also highly aroused.

“Yes, sounds.” And just then he thrust his fingers between her legs and past the moist petals of her theca.

Eave’s head kicked back and she arched, violently caught in the throes of Dane’s attentive fingers. Nothing subtle, he was after her orgasm and he’d have it soon. His long fingers were perfect for the task, reaching deep to capture the pillow of nerves deeper inside. He lavished her silky walls with urgent thrusting— one finger reaching while the other crooked over to catch every sensitized spot of her nethers.

Eave slammed her hands down on the arm rests and gripped on for dear life, while the rest of her bucked in his lap. Her teeth biting down on her lip to stop the moan he intended to exploit.

“Let go of your lip, I want to hear what you have to say, right now.” His gruff demands panted in her ear. “I will exploit it too. And the scent of your orgasm. Your entire body— all for my delight.” He shifted his hand, letting his fingers slip from her cunt and he slathered the cream over her clit before diving back in for more. “Do you know what I would do to you? I’d tie you to my coffee table like a flower arrangement so I could star at you for hours while I drank my wine in the evening. I might fancy some play time in your lotus petals. Or cover you in wax— pluck clamps from your taut nipples, or feed my cock down your throat—” he felt it, her internal muscles clamping down around his fingers, and he pitched forward to reach even further, catching that glorious spot women had and brushed his thumb right over her clit, securing the results.

Eave’s head had hardly left his shoulders the entire time, but the vocals were another thing and she cried out further when he gave her his final whispered command—

“Cum for me.”

The smile he got from watching all those heads at the event turn his way and watch as the curvy woman came apart in his arms, was the gift of giving he needed, to make this night just right.

He relaxed back again, pulling Eave’s boneless body with him while he crooned more deviant visions, like secrets, whispered against her hair. “Then again I might just sit there and stare at you while I imagine all those things. There lies the true vitality of your submission, Eave. Few subbies can handle that. They want the leather cuffs around their wrists, a flogger on their back, but submission isn’t about just whips and chains, there is far more to it.  I might bring you home and tie you to my bed and fuck you as I please for days without ever letting you go. And while doing so I would exploit the fears that might surface— wondering if you were truly my hostage.”

“Would you let me go?”

“What good would it be for me to tell you now? What you and so many here have experienced has only scratched the surface of what there is to enjoy. Surrendering to me will take you into a world far darker.”

“Darker?” Her breath nearly hitching as she asked.

“I have many dark sides— care to be among them?”

Dane Masters dark side promo

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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie


3.5 stars

 3.5 Stars ~

Review of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, the movie.

Romance / Erotic Romance / light BDSM


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms.

Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.


Pre-order link:


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Hunkered down into my VIP leather reclining theatre seat, where the nice young attendants came and served me wine and something resembling food, I prepared for the viewing experience I vowed I’d never undertake.   I read the FSOG books, way back when, and found them entertaining enough if not exactly the caliber of some erotic romance/BDSM authors who’s works I frequent.  Ultimately, post-read, I personally never fell into either the over-the-top-loved the books group, nor the omg-this-will-set-bdsm-back-decades group, and most certainly not the this-is-abuse-against-women group.   I saw the books, and continue to see them as a relatively banal set of erotic romance stories with perfect timing and a kick-ass marketing machine behind them.

My fear for the movie version, and my initial reasons for vowing I’d never go see them, stemmed from a concern that Hollywood would Fubar this over as only Hollywood can, and cave to the titillation factor; cave to the lowest common denominator.  I didn’t really care what that would do to the books per se, but I did care what that would do to and against a lifestyle and people therein, already largely demonized because of willful misunderstanding.  (I know, I am being generous with that “misunderstanding” comment, but I WILL take the high road here.)   In the end, I went to see the movie for two reasons:  first and foremost because I watched and read interviews by and with Director Sam Taylor-Johnson, and I found her to be an earnest and sensitive and intelligent woman with what I hoped would be the proper vision for this – like it or not – perhaps defining moment for so many interests.  Second, some like-minded friends, whose opinions I share and respect, found it to be a worthy and entertaining experience.


In a nutshell, the movie was, as the books are, a story about a troubled man who has never loved; who has never allowed himself to be loved, and has never truly felt he was missing anything by living his chosen course.  All of that is turned on its head by a young, inexperienced but strong, intelligent and effervescent young woman with the refreshing backbone to call bullshit on his cornerstones.  Both roles were admirably played by Dakota Johnson as the wide-eyed Anastasia, and Jamie Dornan as the weary-eyed Christian Grey.

There was well-placed humour to accompany the fable for those not new to the story concept, and I suppose, to relieve any tension for those newbies who came to see the “bdsm stuff” as I heard bandied about in ambient, pre-event conversation.   I found the “sex” to be relatively tame considering the hype and the books for that matter, and I found the actual sexual component of the bdsm to be light at best.   Unfortunately, what will be lost on most of the audience are the non-sexual components of the bdsm, for it is in those elements that the true core of the story lies.

Until the very last of the movie, I was really quite pleasantly surprised and pleased with Hollywood’s representation of the book and of the lifestyle…admittedly, Firmly (NOTE: capital F) steeped in romantic fiction.   But in a representation where dramatic license had, to date been used prudently, it is my humble opinion that the ending seriously negated the story, the lifestyle and undermined any “points” that might have been made.    If one can believe the pre-release press there was a struggle for supremacy over the ending between Director and Author and while I would normally side with the author on these things, in this instance I fear the Author-winning decision was misguided at best and damaging at worst.  (Referenced article from The Hollywood Reporter attached) http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/fifty-shades-grey-author-overruled-770424

It is not for the take-aways by avid reader-fans of the books I fear.  It is for those of the naysayers and the lurking vultures I fear, for they may have, in one misplaced word which would have tied back to the sacred tenets of the bdsm lifestyle, been handed their foot-in-the-door to “prove” both people and lifestyle “wrong”.    I understand there are two more parts to the story.  They won’t care but will capitalize.  It may also damage the chances of the sequels completing the story as it should be told, NEEDS to be told, with the same level of fervor this Entrée engendered.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic myself, I did attend the movie with my Anastasia-aged daughters, and thank goodness I did.   My conversations with them prompted my need to write this review.  The unfortunate choice of ending may largely contribute to an unnecessary confusion and all the other sequelae such a misrepresentation conceives and propagates.

And all after a pretty decent movie, and because of one little word…

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 FIFTY SHADES OF GREEY (movie) also received the following ratings:


ROMANCE FACTOR  ~ 3.5 hearts ~


HEAT FACTOR ~ 2 Flames ~


STING FACTOR  ~ 2 Paddles ~


TWIST FACTOR  ~ the most inopportune and unfortunate cliffhanger in the history of a movie franchise ~

cliffhanger-cat-77 mrw-i-almost-sent-a-random-hideous-fart-face-snapchat-to-the-girl-i-like-instead-of-to-my-fri-letter-59405


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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Prized Possession by Kora Knight


5 stars

5 ~ Stars!


Romance / MM Contemporary

 (copy purchased from amazon)


Reviewed by Terry ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



With Tad’s reservations firmly on the one-eighty, he’s finally more at ease exploring this intriguing new part of himself, especially where his attraction, and affections, for Scott are concerned. But when their plans get cancelled, Tad winds up watching the guy in action at the gym instead. Kickboxing lessons lead to sparring, which in turn leads to a face-off more erotic than Tad could have ever imagined. Huge new boundaries crossed, both men are floored like never before. Have these milestones finally put all Tad’s hang-ups solidly behind him?





~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


There are some journeys you just can’t wait to get off of. Rest assured this isn’t one of them!!!!

This journey isn’t one that has a set itinerary the twists and turns keep it exciting. Tad is becoming more at ease with his feelings and desires, even if he is still trying to figure it all out.

So far throughout this journey Scott has been in the driver’s seat. I think this is one of the reasons Tad is questioning the direction of his travels. He is more of a spectator involved as someone just along for the ride. That is all about to change. *wicked evil grin*

One part of this story is about to come full circle. There is a new bet on the table and Tad is fully informed this time and he is also determined not to lose. Or is he? Sometimes the victor misses out on the best spoils of the battle and the battle is hot as hades!!!

Get comfy and have a tall cold beverage handy! I will let you know this journey isn’t over yet. There are still choices to be made and each will have its own consequence. We also get the added twist of a new character that brings a new feeling into play. I do hope we get to find out more about him. *wink*

Keep your eyes on Kora Knight and check out her other stories while you wait for the next leg in Tads journey. *rubs hands together in anticipation*


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

UP-ENDING TAD: A JOURNEY OF EROTIC DISCOVERY also received the following ratings:





HEAT FACTOR ~ 5 Flames


STING FACTOR ~ 3 this isn’t a kinky factor but the sting of excitement and power you get when you take control



TWIST FACTOR ~ 4 the tables are turned and a new bet  


BONUS FACTOR ~ plays in your mind like a movie, book hang over!

reading-icarly  11007731_735833186524798_1538427835972113512_n



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ManCandy Monday and its all in the eyes

isha blaaker by tarrice love jacopo cecchini Juan Pablo lucas-medeiros-spread tumblr_mpsgmlFoRe1qfy03lo1_500 tumblr_mxwtezj0yg1sefqemo1_500 tumblr_n1aeitblAY1ry4gdjo1_r1_500 tumblr_n18bqoWbda1ry4gdjo1_r2_500 tumblr_nfeum5Otqr1r91wa7o1_5005ccbc6132b39d8f7917d356ee50b3e27 7f7f1a79bc31cc65ef3855e23d022e1f 106a38ee9b803ed8c301696ae18e4d5e 177ca8037797f5dcbd699cef01adfc3e 635490-bigthumbnail_large 1017155_666487646747632_479031182_n 141017178889 ab03ef3a8cfefe5164d3fd28af6a2ab0 andré costa by eduardo garcia 2 Antonio Cupo 12236 Atesh Salih Burak Özçivit c278c1ba1dd40748f972d066b25e741e chris ladwig 2345 Djordje Bogdanovic tumblr_nelwhtHHgZ1s1vldio1_500

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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – A Dangerous Reality, by Layla Wolfe


3.5 stars

~ 3.5 Stars ~

 Review of A DANGEROUS REALITY by Layla Wolfe

M/M Erotic Romance / Biker / Cartel-Suspense

ARC copy provided by publisher for honest review.


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Keep your lovers close—and your enemies in bed.
TURK. My club sent me to track him down. And when my mission was over, I never wanted another one again. When I found him, I kicked the crap out of Havelock Singer. I issued the mightiest beatdown of all time. Problem is, we’re evenly matched. We’re equals in every way, and when we finished whaling on each other, exhausted, we fell into each other’s arms.

I’ve never regretted it for an instant. It’s been the ride of my life. But loving another man in the MC world is a risky business. As if our business isn’t already brutal and ruthless enough, Lock’s homophobic sergeant-at-arms Stumpy gets an eyeful of our lovemaking and blackmails us into doing some of his dirty work, or be exposed for what we are—a couple of deviants. This run into the Indian reservation is sleazy and beneath us, but now I’m cornered, and I’ll do anything to keep my sweet Master from being lynched by his club.

LOCK. When that kingpin Carmine Rojas got a load of my beautiful stallion Turk Blackburn, he’d stop at nothing to have him—and Rojas gets what he wants. It’s my fault we’re in this situation. I should’ve kicked Turk’s ass and sent him packing back to The Bare Bones. I wasn’t even close to being ready to come out, but now they’re forcing my hand.

I can hear my destiny calling me. Either I’ll slink back to my club like a hetero bounty hunter with no morals—and no respect from anyone in my own backyard—or I’ll step up to the plate and be the lion of the day. Either way, my lover and I are screwed. Our clubs are going to hound us underground or into another country before we escape this mess—if we don’t die trying.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Former AF pilot and current Bounty Hunter, “Lock” of the Assassins of Youth MC is in hot pursuit of a scumbag pedophile, and he never loses his mark.   “Turk”, the Vice President of The Bare Bones MC runs a legit medical marijuana dispensary for the Club.  Veteran members of different though not exactly rival MC’s, Turk and Lock first meet over a back room hook up, though not with each other, more like, over bad weed and BJ’s…


As boys will, the two end up beating the tar out of one another and find it such an invigorating experience they, through a series of unexpected yet interconnected events, take their passions to another level.   Their already unacceptable course is further complicated by the outright bitter betrayal by one of their own twisted brothers, and leaves them fighting for their lives, for their friends, and with a dangerous drug cartel for their very freedom.


I found the timeframe from attraction to action with Turk and Lock to be somewhat warp-speed, particularly in the MC culture/setting where homosexuality is not accepted number one, and number two, where one of the pair is firmly “not gay”.   Its easy to overlook because the two are likable characters in a story chock full of unlikeable characters, but it caught me by surprise in this particular trope.  They certainly had chemistry and while they…experimented often and in varied ways, there was a true connection and relationship between them.


I read and enjoy a lot of MC books, and yet stories about cartels don’t rate high or at all on my ‘to-read-o-meter’.  I abhor the stories steeped in inherent violence perpetrated by cartel sociopaths masquerading as businessmen.  An interesting paradox, given the inherent violence in the MC culture, and yet there is a brotherhood based in loyalty and “family” that somehow, in the context of fiction anyway, allows for a connection to character and the development of relationships worthy of reading.   This book’s combined MC/cartel world was admittedly a difficult read for me, and yet was salvaged by the brotherhood of the Clubs, the endearing and enduring relationship of Turk and Lock, and of the promise of at least a new and progressive future.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A DANGEROUS REALITY also received the following ratings:


ROMANCE FACTOR  ~ 3 Hearts ~


HEAT FACTOR ~ 2 Flames ~


TWIST FACTOR  ~ Desert Danger and betrayal by brothers ~




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