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Two Writers Rambling – Street Teams: keep them from the darkside


Two Writers Rambling



Art isn’t a sport, yet one might get to thinking it was when taking in the amount of competition some authors dribble out in the endeavor to make book sales and reach a certain status on the Bestsellers list. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes a little competition is good. It motivates us to strive harder, keep focused on our work and evolve our abilities in order to obtain our goals.





But is there a line that we should not cross?   Probably more than one… and often those lines can define the difference between an author who is a story teller and one who is out to make a buck. That has always existed and to each his own. But at what point did the author world take up pawns to do divvy out the low blows?

That is what today’s rambling is about:




The way of marketing for authors has certainly changed over the years. What was once limited to the few who could afford to take out an advertising ad in a magazine or the newspapers has now opened up to the internet and leveled the playing field. With a web as vast as it is, and with as many bloggers, book reviewers, ecommerce retails, and social networks as there are, its a marketing smorgasborge. Only, how does one manage to hit them all or stand out among the thousands of other authors vying for the attention of the average browser in hopes to convert them into a fan reader?




Meet the Street Teams. It’s not a new term or idea. But normally associated with the music industry, using fans to help plaster flyers, and work up interest at local social hot spots for the next up-n-coming band.




The concept is the same for authors, with only a few variations. Instead of running around the city plastering flyers of one band over another’s on  billboards  and street poles. These streets teams have taken to the cyber world to  deposit  comments and heart emicons under the Author’s latest book release, hoping sway others into taking a closer look at what all the excitement is about.  




And WOW are they great to have. In a cyber-world where you can’t always see your captive audience, a Street Team helps draw them in. They’re an author’s cheering squad as well.

Most Street Teams are comprised of awesome people who just love to read and any author is lucky to have 1, 2, 5 or how many an author may have, take the time to pimp their favorite authors out to friends and book clubs.




But there is also a dark side to this. And this is where the line of scrimmage gets crossed. It’s beyond some friendly competition. Beyond the reach of etiquette.

When this line gets crossed, it gets shady and sometimes down right back stabbing. I’m talking about when Street Teams stop cheering and start attacking, while the author sits back and plays innocent by stander.




It doesn’t take long to spot them out either, in most cases. If you happen to be browsing the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, chances are you’ve come across a full out attack on the reviewer who didn’t like the author’s book. And it’s not just the reviewers who left 1 or 2 stars. I’ve seen some of the 3 stars and a few 4 star review deposits get maliciously attacked by that author’s Street Team and everyonce in a while even the authors go after them.




Then there is the facebook bullying.   Wall rants often left without pointing the finger, but notes are passed under the table to insure the target is implemented, where not even the Street Teams go after certain author to retaliate a battle they aren’t even aware of. Even adoring fans have been misled to participate.




It’s a sad display of sportsmanship, if you send out your Street Team to illuminate the competition.

It bothers me when I stumble across it, and I can say first hand it sucks when you’re the recipient of it too. Because as I have learned, we don’t need to do anything to provoke an attack other than maybe have written a really good book.


Another-set-of-random-gifs-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-32987916-500-282  hug.gif~c200


I know what you’re thinking: how do you stop the darkside from taking over?




**shrugs**  Use your force for the right reasons…



And that is, to get other people excited about your own books.


Don’t be a monkey and knock others down or scare off reviewers who maybe didn’t like your book, just because you see others do that.  And when you hear someone say  they don’t control what their Street Team does. Don’t buy into that mess. Its some bullshit salesman talking. Because if the Street Team members can’t play nice, you don’t keep them on the team. It’s that simple. So no author is innocent if their team’s actions.  




Sure there are going to be times when you wish (silently – no thinking out loud) that a certain book on the top ten would fall off a cliff so you might get a turn up there. But use that energy to write your own next bestsellers.



And keep your Street Team happy go lucky, and team friendly. There is no better reward to self-accomplishment than to score out of skill and hard work.


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BOOKS n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Finding Parker by Scott Hildreth


5 stars


5 ~ Stars

Review of ~ FINDING PARKER by Scott Hildreth


(Purchased at Amazon.com)


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


“Life’s greatest treasures will never be held, purchased, or bartered for. They will only be felt.”


Parker Bale has is a gentleman is all respects. After graduating college and beginning the exhausting search for a job, he’s offered employment, unlimited expenses, and a new BMW by an extremely wealthy eccentric stranger. His new job?

Finding a woman to love. Not a particular woman, but he must look in a particular place. And he must sign a contract. Eagerly, he signs the contract without reading it.

Victoria Fisker’s father died immediately after her birth. Her bed-ridden mother’s addiction to pain pills requires her to be at home every moment she isn’t working as a prep cook. She has never been in love, nor does she feel loved at home. She doesn’t particularly trust people, has no faith in the male species in general, and lives a quiet life keeping to herself.
When Parker meets Victoria, he’s immediately intrigued by her lack of interest in people and her comfort in being alone. Victoria, on the other hand, only recognizes Parker as being a male and believes therefore he can’t be trusted.

Finding Parker’s characters embark on a journey. A journey in which they soon realize they’re finding love where they least expect it. Love for friends, love for family which may not be blood related, and for that one person…
The one who gives you reason to believe for the first time love just may actually exist.

“We fear what we don’t understand, and we find serenity in what we’re incapable of understanding…”
“Having the ability to feel is the greatest gift God has ever given…”
“Ask yourself through the course of each day, if this were my last day on earth, would I do anything different?”
“Live every day as if you’re going to die at midnight…”
“The greatest rewards in life are provided to those who take the greatest risks…”
“One moment of unwelcomed silence is more disheartening than a lifetime of incessant screaming…

And the silence deafens me…





~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


So, here is the thing:  those of you here Finding Parker as I was, don’t expect to find him in the usual places, or at least not in the usual modes for this genre.


Don’t expect to come away unscathed.   I doubt a card-carrying sociopath could do so.


Don’t expect…the expected. 


The story itself was touching in the extreme.  Filled with people who possessed a lifetime of rich character.  Each of them from not-so-disparate pasts, but present-days that were, seemingly, world’s apart.   The common thread was their ability- – no, their struggle to simply be.  To accept how they got to be who they had become and to be at peace with their best.   Their coming together as characters in various relationship configurations, forces them to see their individual strengths, but also the strength found in being loved in a part of a greater whole. 


No, the story itself, while absolutely beautifully composed and presented, was not unusual in its course nor really unexpected in its conclusion.


The unexpected element will make the reader think.   Introspection and insight can be an uncomfortable and not entirely painless process.   And while the book is not an exercise in this, as that erroneously implies the reading process is work, the natural flow of the story leaves a reader little choice but to self-examine.  


The beauty of the natural history here is that, devoid of the usual sweaty-hanging-from-the-monkey-bars sex, a reader is clear and free to appreciate the clean lines of the lives, their foibles, and the fleeting beauty of all that is important.   And how one must grab it.  And because of that, this story will resonate on a level you would not have imagined, but will ultimately appreciate. 


…I’d just plan to appreciate it with a large investment in both a tissue and chocolate manufacturer…


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



FINDING PARKER also received the following ratings:





TWIST FACTOR ~ the self-evaluative aspect.   Self-acceptance. 


BONUS FACTOR ~ an amazingly cathartic cry

10676411_1557223831177493_8268503968504631655_n 10644931_1557223764510833_7573397514440227995_n










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Talking Kink n Seduction – The Importance of a Collar

The Importance of a Collar




No cute title this time, the subject matter is far too serious. Collars. What they are, what they do and most importantly, what they mean to the very lucky subs to be offered one by a worthy Dom.


65189_406177839461969_1494304618_n tumblr_n7q5hsnoGw1rpcx8yo1_1280



A collar is a physical object used to show ownership. Some use necklaces, bracelets, rings or even tattoos but the most common and standard collars are a leather or chainmail length to be worn about the neck. There are low key “day collars” for everyday wear that can pass as a necklace among vanilla friends; glitzy dress-collars for high nights on the town to show off a pampered sub; but my favorite are the simple, straightforward leather straps like you might find on any mongrel dog. Because a collar is so much more than its physical appearance.







A collar will tell you a lot about a relationship and the individuals who have chosen it. Firstly, it lets you know the sub you speak to is owned and protected. More than that, the type of collar can give you hints to the sub or Dom’s personality. Is it pink, frilly or have words like “princess” or “baby girl” on it? Odds are, you are observing a Little Girl who most likely has a Daddy Dom just waiting for her to pout those cotton candy lips. (Oh, but does it have heavier rings on it too? She’s most likely a masochist too.) Does he wear ringed arm bands and a chainmail choker? Chances are good he’s into heavier pain or humiliation play, especially if you see words like “pup” written on his body or clothes. My point being that a collar is a very personal thing that reflects who we are in ways we hardly think about when we see something and say “Ohhh shiny!”




But what really makes a collar important, what really transforms a simple leather strap into a tear-inducing privilege is the emotion behind one. You would never feed a stray dog once and automatically assume complete ownership and control of him, so should you never be too quick to offer or accept a collar within a D/s relationship. Collars are a physical symbol or the love, adoration and devotion we feel towards one another and can only truly be worn when the feelings are there to match it. Many subs I know, myself included, feel our collars are a more true and important representation of our relationship than our wedding rings (if we have them.) I know in my heart I am a submissive first and a husband second in my relationship and my Dom reciprocates this notion. Collaring within our community is still a VERY BIG DEAL and I have been to collaring ceremonies that were more fancy and decked out than a wedding reception. Because it’s more than an accessory, it’s our commitment to each other. It’s our community’s form of marriage.

 376680_350023735086000_1370652993_n tumblr_lkwrs7iqU31qfvizao1_500


Now many people, especially newbies do not understand the gravity of being Collared. They accept the term after a few chats on FetLife then take their release when someone gets bored. Remember how I said it was our form of MARRIAGE? Remember a certain Kardashian who was Married for 72 days and the world threw a fit? (I don’t think I need to elaborate further here.) I am not saying people shouldn’t continue collaring/being collared, but please consider the true commitment behind such an act. Collaring is a major milestone goal for a mature relationship. A Dom should feel loved, completed, proud and excited to collar their submissive. A sub should feel loved, completed, proud, excited, safe, warm, protected and encouraged when they accept the collar of their Dom.






I see a lot of shelter/rescue animal sites that advertise their residents as “looking for a forever home,” and the same is true of many of us here. Before you take that leash and lead us out on your arm think about it. Are you giving us a Forever Home in your heart? Will you take care of us when we’re lonely, play with us when we’re happy and give us lots of hugs and treats just because? When you show up with that collar in your hand, that’s the kind of commitment we’re expecting. That’s why our love is so sweet, so fierce and so strong. That’s why it hurts so much when you leave.

~ baby Boy




(Questions are answered by either one of or a mix of responses from Growling Guru, baby boy and Princess S.O.)


I have a further question to your post of today, re: etiquette:

-what if you are not in the lifestyle, but you are in a social setting where most everyone else is?  I have been at Clubs, play parties and just in less formal settings and have been one of the few people not in the lifestyle.   I have the habit of calling the Doms “Sir”.  I just happens, quite naturally.   I didn’t even think about it until after, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to be someone I’m not, nor do I want to insult/upset any subs.

Like any sub who is actively in the lifestyle choices to address a Dom/Dommes as Sir/Mistress is wholly up to you. Sir/sir is never inappropriate at a social when used out of simple respects. As for offending a subbie: as long as you’re not overstepping the bounds from manners to flirting, a trained subbie would usually find it flattering that you would respect their Dom, by referring them as Sir. But there is always a few that need a spanking to remind them that. So do stay at arm’s length. HA! Unless invited closer.



If I may, a new question, and input from both of you would be appreciated:

-I hear a lot that Doms/subs “are born, not made”.  What are your feelings on that?   And where does that leave people who spent most of their lives without a clue, and then had their eyes and minds opened to possibilities?   Doesn’t evolution work here too?

We both disagree that Doms are born. Alphas are born and there is no other way for them to exist than to be controlling and demanding, its nature and comes out whether they’ve learned to control their actions or not. Hence why they are often regarded as Assholes. It comes with the genes. Being a Dom, is the art of taking control, it’s a skill one learns. To read a subbie’s body and train them. Some may come very natural at it at the early stages of sex and relationships; others discovering it and embrace it further down in life. Then there are those who may take a slow liking to it, like an acquired taste. No kind of self-discovery, even in pleasure, is wrong. Like food, there are some things out there that you will love the moment it hits your tongue. Though you won’t know it until you taste it for the first.  

For the question about evolution: we are always growing and changing. In likes, activities, careers, hobbies and goals. What we did five years ago may not be the same we do now. This includes our relationships and sex lives. You may have never considered yourself a Dom/sub before, but as you have grown, had set backs and evolutions, you may find your journey has brought you to kneel before someone, or escort someone into unchartered territories of pleasure and connection.


If you have questions (curiosity, fun or serious) or would like to know more about a certain topic, leave a comment below or send to growling.guru@gmail.com, (your name will not be shared)

GG-bb bio


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ManCandy Monday – Jeans & Dress Shirts



tumblr_n4itdgjtuM1qfbckzo1_1280 tumblr_n4gwnbbO6w1qfbckzo1_500 tumblr_n2hsk6Gq911qgrgn8o1_500 tumblr_mye2b4zGJJ1rk8c1lo1_500Austin Davis by Leo CorredorMariano Di VaioJon Kortajarenaflorin dobrinEugen Bauder (2)eric-decker-ad-1Charles Wilsontumblr_m873oqdLRr1rnlje9o1_500tumblr_mnm4qszqSY1r2c5jfo1_500tumblr_mnzy2yJvYW1rdn2ido10_500matt raimo 2Samuel Trepanier




Themes to look for this fall:


Rugged & Raw

the Work Out


Leather Touch

I see right through to you

Have a naughty request?

Leave a comment and let us know what flavor of ManCandy you’d like to see on Monday

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BOOKS n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Domming the Heiress by Talon ps and Princess so


5 stars


5 ~ Stars!

Review of ~ DOMMING THE HEIRESS by Talon ps and Princess so

Romance / Erotica / Contemporary / BDSM / M/f

 (copy provided by author for honest review, I also have ordered a copy from amazon)


Reviewed by Terry ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


DOMMING THE HEIRESS MASTERCOPYYou can’t depend on your eyes, when your desire is out of focus.”
Heiress Amelia Quinneth had always been known for topping from the bottom. Being Vice-President of the family fortune and firm makes letting go of control more than just complicated. Nevertheless, submission is the one thing she desires most at the end of the day and no amount of control over her life can get her to that unobtainable bliss. That is until frustrated by lack of satisfaction; she finally reached out to Dominus Trenton Leos to be paired up with a Dom that could take charge and satisfy her needs.

However despite her request, she never expected she would have to meet her new Dom, while remaining blindfolded for the next thirty-six hours with him.

Amelia’s Dom turns out to be a Head-Master who quickly shows her who is in charge and strips away every layer of hers, one by one, until she found the true euphoria that comes from understanding her surrender.
Her very walls that she kept to define her fantasies have been torn down, but in order to find out who her new Master is, there is one more wall she must let go of and she’s not sure she can.







~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


The tag line “I’m about to make you wet.” Is so true *sighs* but, it should also include “I’m about to take you on one of the most emotional roller coaster rides of your life!”

Here are a few of the things that make this a story you are not going to want to put down. Amelia is not only beautiful she is also a 46 years old, intelligent, strong and a powerful woman. Her power does not only come from her position in life but in the knowledge she has and accepts about herself as a woman, person and submissive. Even with all of this going for her, Amelia isn’t perfect. Talon and Princess have given us a leading lady who will become near and dear to our hearts.

This story is told from both points of view, Amelia’s and her mysterious Head Master. A man who when approached by the Dominus, Trenton Leos, about taking a contract for the weekend with a hard to control woman, he was ready to turn down the offer. That is until Trenton said the magic words: “Amelia Quinneth can be quite the handful. Though, I assure you, she would be well worth the effort and the rewards.” With those words this Head Master decided he was up for the challenge.

Because of the knowledge and experience Talon and Princess have with this lifestyle we are given some of the rawest emotions, both good and bad, that these characters experience. Be prepared to also feel each and every one of them.

There is also the bonus we are given with the inclusion of characters from the other stories from this series. Because this story is out of order we do have a little bit of extra knowledge of at least one of these characters. We also, if you have read Becoming His Slave, get to have a little more knowledge/information on the characters we already know and love. This doesn’t take anything from this story or the others in the series. It is a wonderful skill of the authors and special treat for the reader to keep tabs on our characters.


These stories can be read out of order but trust me you are going to want to read them all *wink* So if you are reading this out of order in the series here is a little intro for you.

 We all think we know what we want. We just sometimes have trouble obtaining it. Amelia has been searching for some time now and has finally realized she needs help. Not an easy thing to do for Heiress Amelia Quinneth, Vice-President of the family fortune and firm. She has always been the one in control, making the decisions. She yearns, longs and desires to let all the power go. Not as far as her career and position as head of the Quinneth fortune of a global business but as a woman with a desire and need to submit.

 Amelia is searching for a Unicorn of a different breed than the one The Dominus, Trenton Leos and his brother search for. Her Unicorn is a Master. One who can control and tame the powerful, feisty woman she is, a Master who desires and deserves the submission of a powerful woman. So she goes to the one man who can help her, The Dominus and breaks down the first wall of her defenses that keep her from her desires and asks him for a favor. To match her with a Dom that can do the one thing no other has been able to do. Master her.

 Take the phone off the hook and lock the door because, Now the story begins!


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


DOMMING THE HEIRESS also received the following ratings:


ROMANCE FACTOR ~ 5 Hearts the Fancy hearts


HEAT FACTOR ~ 4 Flames


STING FACTOR ~ 4 kink not for just the physical but also for the power exchange


TWIST FACTOR ~ 3: social taboos, hitches in the plan and for unexpected sabotage

 tumblr_mqr1cdh4Rk1swo0q8o1_500  gif_1376483129_3c08a8a522_zpsf054ad5f

BONUS FACTOR ~ a box of dark chocolate softening in the sun,


                                 ~ flowers with a note,


                               ~ a limited view of her mysterious Head Master on the monitor screen


                               ~ a storm for the raw emotions felt



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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Safeword Trilogy by Candace Blevins



5 stars

5 stars for the series

 Review for the Safeword trilogy by Candace Blevins

 Contemporary / Erotic Romance / BDSM


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon-ps.com

Purchased at Amazon.com


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~




Safeword: Matte

Matte, pronounced mah-tay, is the word used in some forms of martial arts to stop a fight. It’s the Japanese word for stop or wait. Sam (short for Samantha) has made a hobby out of learning the various fighting disciplines, but she also happens to be a sexual submissive. What better safeword than matte? 
Sam wants to find someone to submit to who she can’t beat in a fight. She’s tried to make it work with men from the scene who know nothing about fighting, but it doesn’t feel real to her – she needs someone who can truly control her. However, after dating from the fight scene and discovering not all guys like to spank their girlfriends, she’s decided to just back away from the whole dating thing for a while… until Fate decides to step in. 
Warning: This title contains graphic language, consensual BDSM, bondage, and use of toys including crops, clamps, canes, and floggers. 





Safeword: Matte In Training

The wedding is four months away, and Ethan has promised to train Sam to handle a planned honeymoon activity. He’s calculated the math to figure out her goals each week. When she reaches the weekly target she gets a massage and lots of fun orgasms. But if she doesn’t, it’s the stainless steel cane. 

All this along with navigating her clients’ drama, planning a wedding, dealing with her mother while planning the wedding, and having lots and lots of wild and kinky sex. 

And we haven’t even mentioned the bachelorette party. 

Warning: This title contains graphic language, consensual BDSM some may find objectionable, anal sex, bondage, and the use of toys including crops, clips, clamps, plugs, and gags.





No Safeword: Matte, The Honeymoon

The wedding ceremony is over, and the couple is on their way to Hawaii. After so much build-up for the big night, how will Ethan handle it? Sam has no idea, and while she’s pretty sure she’s ready, she’s still a bit nervous. Who wouldn’t be?

Most newlyweds don’t ride bicycles up and then back down dormant volcanos for fun on their honeymoon, but Sam and Ethan aren’t the average couple. They find lots of fun things to do on the islands and in the ocean, and Ethan’s creativity knows no bounds when in the privacy of their secluded beach house.

If you’ve read Safeword: Matte and Safeword: Matte – In Training, you’ve been waiting for the honeymoon. Here’s hoping you enjoy it as much as Sam and Ethan.







~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

What do you get when you cross a masochistic divorce attorney with a sadistic cage-fighting businessman?    Sounds like either the beginning of a really bad joke, or a teaser to a really good book—or series of books.   Fortunately, it’s the latter.  I have never combined multiple books to one review, but since I voraciously read one after the other, I figured I might as well review them that way as well.

Ms. Blevins wastes exactly zero time in detailing just how the “sadist with the perfect tool” gives the un-toppable divorce attorney proof-positive that she can indeed, be topped.   And not just topped, but loved in the process; her perfect Dom/life-partner. 


5 Stars!!

Book 1 ~ Safeword: Matte does use a case that Sam(antha) is working on to amp up the storyline to beyond the D/s angle.  But it also serves to quite perfectly outline, in my mind anyway, the difference between a healthy, consensual kink and a pathologic existence with an abusive jerk.  It’s all in the Consent, with a capital C.


5 Stars !!

Book 2 ~ Safeword: Matte In Training Well, suffice it to say that Ethan’s idea of pre-wedding activities in NO WAY resembles the wedding showers with hats made from bows, and the  ubiquitous deviled eggs of my own pre-wedding experiences!   And ain’t that just a shame.   ‘Nuff said, though there is also enough background life and family drama going on to keep the overall story well fleshed out.   You are not getting any spoilers from me!   So, ‘Read on, MacDuff’…


4 Stars !!

Book 3~ No Safeword: Matte, The Honeymoon largely takes place in Hawaii, on, you guessed it: the Honeymoon, though I am willing to bet most of our hubbies did not use UPS to illustrate “What Brown can do for You” on our honeymoons!   Again, read for yourself people…   If there is a weak spot in the series, I think this may be it.  Book 3 struck me more as a primer for “How to Navigate a week of SM” than it did as a continuation of the life and love story of these two very engaging characters.   Nothing wrong with that, except for this reviewer, the relationship is always key.  It was missing that personal connection; that zing to the heartstrings for me.   But it was also wicked-awesome, so I’m torn. 

Lest I sound entirely negative about the third book, I believe it also serves as a set-up for the final chapter.  I am hoping for an HEA that ties up the court case, the family issues and danger provoked by the professions of both main characters and their families.   And who am I kidding?:  I’m also hoping for more crushingly hot sex!   All from an author with a gift for dosing out fact cloaked in deliciously perfect fiction.

Heartiest of hearty recommendations.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


The SAFEWORD TRILOGY also received the following ratings:




HEAT FACTOR ~  5 flames


STING FACTOR ~ 5 paddles


TWIST FACTOR  ~  let’s hear it for absolutely ZERO angst!


BONUS FACTOR  ~ a lawyer you can love to love


                                  ~ a sadist you can fear in all the right ways


                                  ~ some wickedly inventive sex!






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ManCandy Monday takes a look inside the Dominion of Brothers series

We all do it, look for the model that fits the face we writers have penned to paper.  

We’re no different and today we’re going to show you the faces that filled the Dominion of Brothers series

dominion of brothers banner poster - centered


best face was well suited by both models: Alejandro Corso Suarez and Ferran Calderon

alejandro-corzo-suarez Alejandro-Corzo-Suárez-Hot-Burbujas-De-Deseo-03-467x700 8339_415821638507230_238546303_nAlejandro-Corzo-Suárez-Hot-Burbujas-De-Deseo-06-580x387 Ferran Calderon nikolaidv_alejandro-2bw


best face was well suited by model and dancer: Marco Da Silva

Diesel Gentry hotdiesel - Copy another Diesel2 Diesel's body marco_dasilva42_jpg marco_dasilva62_jpg2diesel3diesel600full-marco-da-silva149095_114570095275615_1707659_ndeisel


best face was well suited by model: Gabriel Aubry

26+Gabriel+Aubry+pic 20090529133243274 Dane Masters eye-candy-gabriel-aubry-22 ga GabrielAubry_cel_00 gabriel-aubry-20080530-418343 gabriel-aubry-gabriel-aubry-28658958-500-477 gabriel-aubry-real-man-wallpapers-1600x1200 gabrielcalvin1



Marcus was the hardest of all, in fact we haven’t found but one true face to match and the model remains to this day unidentifed, but Nacho Ozalla comesin at a close second


Nacho_Ozalla-4 Nacho_Ozalla-5 Nacho_Ozalla-6Nacho_Ozalla-7männerfrisuren-2014-undercutNacho_Ozalla-3-350x450



best face was well suited by  model: Henri Castelli

henri castelli1 Henri_Castelli henri-castelli henri-castelli2 HenriCastelliPaparazzo01 tumblr_m5mh1z1dhB1qdjplro1_1280


DoB 5 title poster


segnet insert with both names 2 lines



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Talking Kink & Seduction – Etiquette of Sir by the Growling Guru

Etiquette of Sir

 tumblr_mg46wmZjvR1r916mto1_500                                               392547_195535480564105_177107109073609_331439_855774136_n

Being new guest writers here, My Baby Boy and I have been attempting to first go over just some rudimentary basic intros into the world of bondage and kink. Trying to decide what should come first is a bit like juggling pots and pans. Not really but doing so is one of my fonder ways of torturing my subbie. Beba decko did a good job with the first two blogs so I will leave his kitchenware alone for now. But I decided that the topic of Sir etiquette was a good one to go over.

I see this frequently on facebook and Fetlife discussed in the different pages or groups for BDSM fans, Players and Lifestylers. The question is often always worded the same:


“Do you call other Doms Sir when you meet or are talking to them?”



How it is worded of course directs the question mostly to the submissives for their input. But on occasions I have seen a few Doms/Dommes answer as well. The irony is the majority type attitude of the answer that comes across.

Now I don’t know if this brat higher-than-thou subbie attitude I often see is stemming from the increase of online D/s relationships that outnumber the RL relationships or if it’s from the fans of the popular books 50 Shades of Grey that has recently made BDSM the latest hot sex tip?  What I do know is that if I take my beba decko out to a social and I heard any kind of disrespecting attitude come from his lips that I often see online he would rightly so find himself over my knee in a public spanking for the disrespected Dom to have ring side seat view of.

Now before you stomp your feet and throw your fists at your side. I will coach you as to why.




Ego has no place in the BDSM Lifestyle or in its scenes.


In most circumstances should you and your Dom be out and meet up with another Dom, it’s likely that you’re at a munch or other Lifestyler social.

So in regards of one of the most common answers to the above question; “I don’t call anyone Sir until they’ve earned it with me.”

He/She isn’t your Dom/Domme; they don’t need to prove anything to you, however you are at a social or event of common like people, They earned the invitation just as you did. Act like you belong there by being polite.


tumblr_n42b516iSg1rshw4wo1_500                                1896763_10152285069219181_654696171_n

Another common response: “I don’t call anyone but my Dom Sir no matter what.”

This sort of insubordinate remark makes others think perhaps your Dom hasn’t trained you to behave very well and maybe you need some more time on His/Her knee until you do learn.  At any social of your community, the sub is a reflection of a Dom’s control, and guidance. Act like a snotty brat and it looks poorly on your Dom.



Now three VERY important things here:

  1. 1 - This does not mean you actually have to use the word Sir/Mistress to each and every Dom you meet. At a social or event, no one, certainly not a proper Dom/Domme, is going to insist that you do. But it’s polite to do so, at least the first time you are introduced. It doesn’t have to have the same reverence of your Sir but a proper sir would go far to make your Dom look good among His/Her peers as well as you being a well behaved subbie/pet/little. Save the tantrums for private time and the ego for when you hang your collar up for the night. But a word of advice, at least use titles for the Host/Hostess or you may not find your name on the next invite if you don’t.
  2. 2 - If in a scene with your Dom and another Dom of His and your choosing, and you have consented to the scene, than Sir/Mistress is expected. Not doing so will likely result in a punishment for disrespecting the Doms in the scene with you.
  3. 3 - It is not expected for you to be perfect every time at every social. But if you’re feeling brattish, getting jealous over something, or feeling pushed or disrespected by someone else: it is NOT your place to handle it. Take it to your Dom and let Him/Her take care of it. This isn’t the grocery store where you can read them the riot act just to show you can. You are at a Lifestyler/Players social event; roles are adhered to.

**NOTE: This only  pertains  to actual social events: Munch, collaring ceremony, Socials, or private members clubs, etc… something you were invited to or are a member of that community. This does not include any type of online internet  encounter. Different protocals for online.

tumblr_mj089agXoD1qgsxq9o1_500                                            tumblr_lzuswaoQjz1qeehl4o1_500


The thing to remember is when out meeting/making friends, part of why you are there is because your Dom delights in showing you off. So don’t let Him/Her down. Put on your best behavior to show them how well He/She has trained you and make Him/Her look good. If you are a brat, rather than a sub, then put on your best vixen muzzle. Sir/Mistress when used in kind is not going to harm your D/s bond. If doing so does, some serious communication is needed, and maybe you and your Dom aren’t ready for social mingling yet. For those who are, the rewards for making your Dom highly admired will be well worth learning to put your ego away.

The Growling Guru


If you have questions (curiosity, fun or serious) or would like to know more about a certain topic, leave a comment below or send to growling.guru@gmail.com, (your name will not be shared)

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Oct 7th book release – Domming the Heiress



OCT 7th the feisty red-head Amelia Quinneth meets her match with a Head-Master picked special to handle her by the Dominus Trenton Leos.

 Available for only $2.99 while on pre-order. Sale ends Oct 8th

Domming the Heiress: Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 1.5

Written by Talon p.s.  &  Princess S.O.

MF / BDSM – D/s / Erotic Romance


You can’t depend on your eyes, when your desire is out of focus.”

Heiress Amelia Quinneth had always been known for topping from the bottom. Being Vice-President of the family fortune and firm makes letting go of control more than just complicated. Nevertheless, submission is the one thing she desires most at the end of the day and no amount of control over her life can get her to that unobtainable bliss. That is until frustrated by lack of satisfaction; she finally reached out to Dominus Trenton Leos to be paired up with a Dom that could take charge and satisfy her needs.

However despite her request, she never expected she would have to meet her new Dom, while remaining blindfolded for the next thirty-six hours with him.

Amelia’s Dom turns out to be a Head-Master who quickly shows her who is in charge and strips away every layer of hers, one by one, until she found the true euphoria that comes from understanding her surrender.

Her very walls that she kept to define her fantasies have been torn down, but in order to find out who her new Master is, there is one more wall she must let go of and she’s not sure she can.



~Chronological Order of titles available now~

Book 1: Becoming His Slave

Book 1.5: Domming the Heiress {available Oct 7th 2014}

Book 2: A Place for Cliff

Book 3: Rough Attraction













DoB 5 title poster



Rashawn’s eyes shifted to her, pinning her in place, everything seemed to slip away and she fell into the dark pools of his eyes, “She does exist.” He spoke the words softly and directly at her.

Amelia didn’t say a word. She felt dizzy, and frightened. Because she was that kind of woman.

The two men continuing in the debate of her existence as if being heard from under water. It became hard to breathe. To come face to face with a man who desired what she had wept and cried from because she wanted to let go of everything, just for a moment, an hour, a day, a second, just please take it away, and hold her, kiss her forehead— croon dirty words to her, and make her cum until she cried for other reasons. Why of all the men she could hear it come from was it spoken from a man so much younger than her? Life was so cruel.

“And how will you find such a woman?” Cardiff asked his son, never even noticing the panic she feared was lit in her eyes.

“I will know her by the beauty I could only dream of and within her fire which ignites an uncontrollable urge of desire I cannot live without.”

“And if you do not find such a woman? What becomes of you then?”

“It’s not finding that one a Dominant should be afraid of, its finding her and not being able to touch her because she isn’t ready. There is no greater torment for him.”


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Two Writers Rambing – PeaCOCK Proudly… but don’t trip over your own tail feathers



Here is some etiquette about using bestselling titles. Take it with a grain of salt, mull it over or ignore it. It’s up to you.


While its still only the opinion of Talon and myself, we feel its important we, as authors, don’t over use or water down what it means to be a bestseller. However,  there has been the wide spread usage of the title: Best Seller. This isn’t to say that everyone who uses the phrase hasn’t earned it. Many have. But let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of what is really considered a Best Selling Book/Series/Author and whether or not you should be decorating your books covers with it.



Regardless of your personal take on the Indy vs Tradition pub’d authors, the rift is there and argued and scrutinized from both sides. But we forget that the readers see this too and have their own take on it. The term ‘Best Selling’ usually means New York Best Selling list or USA Today’s Best Seller. But Amazon has gotten pretty big over the years and they have their own bestselling lists. Actually they have a bunch of them, but realize it or not they are not there to boost the ego of the author; they are there to supplement the ‘Don’t-have-time-to-browse’ Shoppers. A large percentage of buyers often take advantage of Amazon’s bestselling lists as the ‘lazy’ means to find what is hot. {I use the term ‘lazy’ loosely, because a large sum of shoppers don’t look past the second page – totally different discussion}  Hence why there are so many list to browse. There is a best seller list for most every genre and popular subgenres. This is all marketing design so that shoppers can find what’s hot in a certain topic easily. This is actually very good for authors (most of the time), if you can make the list, but some lists are harder than others. The other thing to remember is these lists update ever hour.

Now while making the top 100 on Amazon is something to be proud of. We’ve been giddy to tears on the few list landings ourselves. But given the flux, making it on a list is less substantial than the phrase ‘here today gone tomorrow’.


What makes me bring this up is, some time ago Talon actually got involved in a discussion where he saw one author, whose first book out made it to #97 once, posted a question in a discussion group for feedback. She wanted to redesign the cover of her book (still the first one) to say “Best Selling Author” on it and was looking for supportive agreement. He made a gentle comment, way down in the thread, about “Be proud and happy for your accomplishment but don’t over flaunt it.” Well let me get out the ruler so I can measure up just how deep the crap got after that. Needless to say he left without a thread to cover his ass with. And no amount of kosher explaining would chill down the over heated authors who were very vocal as to how pissed they were he would suggest such a thing. How dare he take away someone’s trophy.


QgpnH                                                      6a0120a95a88d5970b019aff7bf7cf970b-800wi


The thing about getting the bestselling lists is, it doesn’t always take a lot of sales to reach the top. It depends on what else is on the market, what’s new, and that number of incoming titles to that genre or subgenre. There is also some suggestions that Amazon tends to fudge the ranks up from time to time. But aside that to give an example, when Becoming His Slave came out, we made #5 in Bdsm and #9 in erotica. It took nearly a thousand books sales to make it and it was impossible to get higher as the book couldn’t knock either of the three 50 Shades titles out of rank.  Later when A Place of Cliff and Rough Attraction were released they too both made the bestselling list in Gay Erotica, but it only took a couple hundred for them. When Keeping His Destiny was released it made it to #14 in the post-apocalyptic genre, a very small genre and no new headliners to compete against so it only took 65 sales to make that one. So you see… making a list is a fickle thing, it may mean you sold a lot of books to get there but sometimes you don’t when the timing is in your favor.

Another thing to consider is how long a book stays on the list.




So after all the math, you’re probably thinking I am trying to snatch the rug out from under you… not at all.


10332616                                  tumblr_lsl7f61uvo1qzb1t1o1_400



We’re proud of ours so should you be elated about yours.



But it doesn’t mean you should have the label installed in neon light on your jacket or book cover.

frontani1x500       092945680-b14c2f38-4574-4507-9587-a4c51055a396

And here’s why…

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21454-1359395340-14                               tumblr_m01ayeDOg61qmt25uo1_400



It’s become too regular for new Indy authors to nab and hang onto that title ‘Best Seller’ and they plaster it on their walls, blogs, and book covers.



Readers see this and ‘maybe’ they go take a look based on that claim, [remember: lazy shopper marketing ploy – don’t dismiss it, Amazon makes bank on this]. But, your book only has 2 or more reviews. Instant reaction from shopper is “hmmmm something seems to be a tad aloof here.”

Guess what they do next? They move on without buying your book. YOU just lost a SALE, because you were too quick to be all about that 5 hour fame and set on display in neon advertisement.


But that’s not all, Traditional Authors, who are often quick to point out how amateurism we Indies are, will (even when we are not), and shoppers pick up on that and it sticks. What they see is you’ve misled them and readers are very unforgiving when it comes to spending their money.
Like it or not, if you have only made the bestseller list once and for only a short time DONT put that banner over your head. It will hurt you in the bottom end.
Make the list and be happy, do a shout out on your wall. Even include a screen cap. Do the happy dance with friends and fans, maybe treat yourself to a bottle of wine or a double dipped ice cream. And DO a sticker or star on your blog where you have all your books on display. Thats the best place to add a Best seller label along with so and so’s book of the month when you get those. Then move on.



Now in case some of you are asking: “Why should I care what you do?”

What many Indies don’t realize is you are all shareholders in a market. If you treat it like a low budget inn, that’s all it will ever be for all of us. Over embarking a title, makes a new author look like an amateur and that is not advantageous to your overall goal. Best seller book for a day does not make you an actual Bestselling Author. It does make you feel good, so go ahead and peacock for a day, just don’t step on your feathers.




Princess so and her twin, Talon ps love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign-lang, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box definitions, and have even been known to throw in some con-lang at times. This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing with them a joy {joy: n see mental illness}. But the final product comes out as richly detailed holographic worlds of Paranormal, Sci-fi, and Gay/MM Erotic Romance; War-time Romances; and along with Prin’s favorite works of Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasies.

Come laugh it up with htem at



The Twin’s facebook page:


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