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ManCandy Monday goes around the world with 24 men

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BOOKS ‘n COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS – Unfading by Devyn Morgan



3.5 stars

~ 3.5 Stars ~

Review of  UNFADING, by Devyn Morgan

Contemporary / M-M / Romance / Novella

-copy provided by publisher for honest review


Reviewed by Jaycee ~ for Books ‘N Cozy Spots Book Reviews,


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He thought a tattoo would make him complete. Instead, he found his missing piece.

Logan Walters is used to attention. He waltzes through life in his tight jeans slung low on his hips, everyone’s appreciative eyes upon him. He can practically hear hearts break when walks out on his conquests. Once he decides to get a tattoo, he knows it’ll make him feel complete – all grown up. Except in a heartbeat, Logan – beautiful, arrogant Logan – is nervous, and he can’t understand why.

Connor Dixon gave up on finding true love. An award-winning tattoo artist, he’s traveled across the country, guesting at many parlors but never staying too long. His last relationship ended like they always have: his boyfriend was cheating on him. But his reservations fly out the window when he sees Logan for the first time. Is he really falling for this guy, so cute but so vulnerable at the same time?

Logan and Connor can’t stop the intense mutual attraction and what inevitably follows, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Bad habits die hard, and Logan’s insecurities rise up to deal a devastating blow to their budding relationship…

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Connor is a man of some years with a promising career as an up and coming tattoo artist.   He has a reputation as being something of a loner in social circles, though not for lack of potential and wannabe partners.  An old-fashioned kind of guy, he prefers relationships to hook-ups and yet he has a fatal attraction to young men who are not ready and/or interested in permanence.

Logan meets all the criteria for his look-but-don’t-touch rule.  He is hot and he knows it, in the way that only a young, invincible, carefree twenty-something knows it, and he exploits all the benefits of being an impossibly good looking star dancer at a hot club.  Or he has done.  Until now.  Now its getting old, and he’s looking to make a personal change; to perfect himself with some ink, because…well…life really is that simple, isn’t it?

Attraction being what it is, Connor can’t resist the energy that is Logan and their hook-up has more intensity than either expected.  Though, as expected in the minds of both men, it triggered insecurities that each harboured inside and nearly resulted in them crashing and burning.  Really, Connor knew what he wanted and it only remained to be seen if Logan could do the soul searching that someone willing to grow up and to grow, period, needed to do.

Connor was an instantly likeable character, and it was easy to have sympathy for him, his past, and his course with Logan.   Logan?   Not so much.  Not initially.  He was a self-centered hedonist whom you wanted to smack upside the head.  Fortunately, as happens in life, he hit that turning point in meeting Connor, and was forced to face himself squarely in the proverbial mirror.

Their personal growth and successful relationship is mirrored by their professional success and the resulting HEA is gratifying.  It is a novella length book, so time frame is compressed and the course of events was very rapid as a result.   It still rang relatively true, but the progression was fast, particularly for the introspection that took place with Logan.   Insight usually isn’t that easy to come by.  It is a fast read, but a well-structured one, and it hits the spot for a light romance.


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UNFADING also received the following ratings:




HEAT FACTOR ~ 3 Flames ~


BONUS FACTOR ~ the course of true love is rocky, but ageless ~



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